The Supreme Court had made it clear that the United States government considers corporations legally the same as individuals. This ruling had also allowed for multi-billion and multi-national corporations to dump as much money as they wish into American politics. They have created a petition against this ruling, and it was able to receive over 325,000 signatures.


The End Citizens United is a group of concerned citizens that wants to take the political power out of the hands of mega corporations. Since 2015, they have been countering the group Citizens United by raising funds against their efforts. They are financed by thousands of donors from around the country and from all walks of life. Their donations are completely transparent and the group even publishes their FEC reports.


It takes a great deal of effort into creating a new amendment to the constitution. The United States has never had a new amendment added since 1992. Partisan politics is the main culprit that makes passing major laws a huge ordeal. Many of these politicians want to protect their gravy train of corporate political donations. Even though many Republican or independent voters would agree that money ruins politics, it is hard for many of them to admit that Republicans have been blocking significant legislation from being made.


ECU has been lobbying at the local, state and federal level in order to reduce the political power of the wealthy. They are building coalitions to pressure lawmakers into developing the proper legislation. They aim to accomplish their goals by electing only pro-reform candidates, raising awareness of corruption within political campaigns and providing proof of how money influences our politics.


ECU has a platform of primarily promoting Democrats during their fundraisers. The group believes that many Republican candidates have stepped in the way of limiting campaign donations to crooked politicians. The group also recognizes that there are politicians with good or bad intentions irregardless of their party affiliation. They also have a questionnaire form for political candidates that are interested in becoming affiliated with the organization. If they pass the quiz, then they will be considered for sponsorship.


The PAC attempted to make a big impact during the 2016 congressional elections. They were able to gather $2 during the first few weeks of their fundraisers, and they eventually reached $30 million in total. These donations were made by approximately 136,000 independent donators. The number is a impressive amount, but the group believes that tens of millions more would be needed to make a major impact.


ECU used their funds to support 11 Democratic candidates that supported their legislation ideas. Senator Russ Feingold and Senator Michael Bennet were key players during this election season. They helped their campaigns using mail flyers, television advertisements and polling.