Status Labs is an online reputation management company that has clients across the world, and their business is founded on helping clients recover their online reputations. The fallout from the Ashley Madison scandal has caused many companies to rethink their online reputation management scheme, and Status Labs is prepared to help people who need assistance with their online reputations on a more advanced level.

#1: Online Reputation Starts With Security

The Ashley Madison scandal has shown that companies must invest in security as much or more than they invest in their reputations. The reputation of a business cannot be protected if their information is not secure, and the security structure for a company of any size is of great importance. Everyone around the world is updating their security protocols, and these updates will help prevent hacking attacks in the future.

#2: How Would Status Labs Respond?

Status Labs recommends that their clients update all security procedures just to be on the safe side. Remaining safe online is difficult when businesses have all their information in places that are easy to penetrate, and extra security steps will ensure that Status Labs can do their job properly.

#3: What Will Status Labs Do?

Status Labs is led by Darius Fisher, and he personally sees to it that every account is given the attention that it deserves. The accounts are carefully investigated, and the accounts are handled in the most delicate manner possible. Companies that come to Status Labs for help are getting the highest level of service possible, and these companies are learning that they can update every part of their business to make for a better reputation.

#4: How Safe Is An Online Business?

An online business is not safe without help from a quality security team and online reputation team. The Ashley Madison scandal has taught us that people cannot be trusted, and every online business must take steps to avoid hacking attacks in the future. The help from an online reputation management is only as good as its security. Status Labs helps every client to the best of their ability, but the company recommends a review of security procedures to be safe.