When you work on a fugitive task force, your job is making sure the worst of the worst are off the streets and that the community is safe for all residents. When you are hunting a suspect and they have a huge network of family and friends hiding them, it can be very troubling trying to get any information on their whereabouts. This was the scenario we were dealing with this month, as one of the more dangerous suspects we have ever encountered was now loose in our city and causing destruction everywhere he went.


To try and put a stop to the crime spree, we had to rely on a resource we have not used in a very long time. At the local prison, Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system that could pick up unique chatter from inmates on any subject. Although we didn’t think the inmates would talk to us, we knew that if they had information that they would eventually be spilling their guts. The one thing that we could count on was that the inmates knew about us being in the prison before we even made our presence known.


Once we were taught how the LBS software worked, we started to listen to see if there was any talk about the person we were hunting. Like clockwork, one inmate was on the phone with his family complaining that the police were here and talking about getting information from inmates. The inmate was complaining that he was the only one who knew the fugitive was hiding at a distant cousin’s farm, and if we found out the fugitive would think he ratted him out. Thanks to that conversation, we were able to close the case and arrest the suspect without any incident and without having to even talk to the inmates.