The real estate industry is gaining popularity at a fast rate. New property owners and investors are entering the marketing. The aim of most investors is to push for great deals and attract younger buyers by making services available in recognized real estate applications. Towards the end of 2016, the numbers of rental buildings are likely to increase especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn markets.

Escalation of interest rates

Experts predict that the interest rates are likely to increase exponentially as the prices cool down in the year 2016. When the rate increases, buyer demand will drop. The confidence of customers will be compromised by the rising rates and a corresponding decrease in price.

Complex deals

Buyers are expected to ask for deal contingencies, and longer contracts reviews. In addition, the sellers are expected to deal with complex demands from buyers.

Delayed purchases and increased emphasis on location

Buyers will request to visit the property severally and conduct intensive research before making purchases. Additionally, buyers will target strategically located properties. Prime neighborhood will be highly demanded than secondary or tertiary ones.

The role of baby boomers

Baby boomers are likely to shift from suburbs home to primary residence. Most of them will purchase secondary residences to be close to their children.

Invention of luxury Condos and increased number of prospective buyers

Luxuries rentals costing more than $10 million will continue to be established in Manhattan. Potential buyers will consider purchasing rather than renting due to the features availed by new buildings.

Background Information on Town Residential

Town Residential is a force to reckon in the New York’s real estate industry. Andrew Heiberger, who is a Co-chairman and Chief executive, founded it in 2010. The firm has been able to establish a strong presence for the last five years of offering exemplary real estate service. The company specializes in commercial and retail property development, marketing, and leasing. In addition, the company conducts a background check on the tenant before assigning them a rental facility.

A team of highly trained and experienced professionals manages the firm. Town Residential has received several awards from the real estate industry. The professionals provide excellent services that are geared towards addressing personal needs of clients. The strategic location of the firm provides easy access to customers. The company uses popular media aids to market its agenda and increase sales.