Fix my online reputation!

A bad reputation will cost any business a lot of money. It can also be very difficult to undo, which opens the door to more issues as time goes on.

No matter the reason a company receives a bad reputation, keeping it going and conducting business becomes quite difficult. So much so, that once a company has a bad reputation, not only does it become harder to gain new customers, but retaining current customers, as well as maintaining healthy shareholder relations, is put at risk.

According to a recent study, unhappy customers cost businesses in the United States an estimated $537 billion each year. Conversely, satisfied clients provide businesses money instead of costing them; they have a tendency to spend 2.6 times more than not so satisfied customers.

Online reviews can have a huge impact on the revenue a restaurant, for example, makes. A Harvard University study using reviews on showed that revenue increases are directly proportional to star increases in the rating system; a one-star increase represented a 5% to 9% increase in revenue.

To improve its online reputation, a business needs to show that it cares about its community, customers, and are genuinely working toward constructing a better world. Research has determined that 72 percent of employees thought it important that their employers placed priorities on the company’s social and environmental responsibilities. Another study demonstrated that 68 percent of employees believe that they should do volunteer work of some sort.

To work on fixing a bad online reputation, knowing the source of the problem is key in order to start turning it around. A way to learn of such problems and monitor your online reputation is with online reputation management software. Do you have the right team? Are they happy? Are they friendly and courteous? Businesses should directly address negative outputs and not simply sit and let critics have their say, or revenue loss will be certain.

The Search Fixers are a team of reputation management consultants who specialize in online reputation management to fix negative search results. They believe that no business should be hampered by negative press. For this reason, they guarantee all services, and these are performed in-house by reputation management consultants based in the United States. They offer an introductory discount of 30 percent to be applied to their first month of service.

The market for online reputation management is a competitive one. Any company looking to have a positive perception in the current Internet-dependent economy would be wise to consider investing in The Search Fixers.