The controversy surrounding Uber continues and the company could be in trouble as far as security issues are concerned for their clients.

Alexandra Craigle, a cancer patient in NY was verbally abused by her Uber dirver, with phone calls, text messages, and called “an animal” for cancelling her service, according to a report by the NY Daily News.

There is growing scrutiny surrounding Uber drivers and the security of passengers.

Patrick Karajah, an Uber driver in San Francisco, picked up three passengers, and after a heated discussion about the path that Karajah had taken, the driver assaulted his passenger with a hammer. The passenger, is now hospitalized and at risk of losing an eye, as reported by the police reports and information published by CBS San Francisco.

This aggression, which has been evident since its launch, has been the target of criticism from numerous organizations and unions of taxi drivers from various countries.

Uber spokesmen have claimed that this driver has been suspended as of any serious complaints that have been received, and that the company is willing to cooperate with the police in the investigation to determine what happened.

To date, Uber operates just over 200 cities worldwide. Both in San Francisco, New York, Berlin, London, Bogota and Mexico City, authorities have intervened to seek ways to govern Uber, but so far have failed.