Wedding photos, sometimes it seems as though they are not that important. Disposable cameras on the reception tables will be good enough. Our guests will capture feelings and emotions because they know us so well.

While there is nothing wrong with these results. They do not create the true picture of this momentous occasion. Nothing can replace the expertise of an experienced wedding photographer. Our George Street Photo and Video services photographer was sensitive to the feelings and emotions of our wedding party and was able to capture exceptional expressions of emotion that were not visible to others.

My father died recently. I pulled out our wedding pictures for his funeral. When I looked back on our wedding pictures, I saw the pride on his face as we were photographed together. Caught up in the experience of getting married, I missed a lot of small, important moments. Moments that mean so much to me now. Moments that our photographer was able to recognize and catch on film for me to experience later, when I needed them.