The EU needs to accept the accountability for lacking to formulate a common refugee policy. This lack of a common asylum has seen this year’s growing number of refugees into a political crisis down from a manageable challenge. Every member of the state has ventured into self-focus interests neglecting the interests of the people. This has increased in panic among the refugees the authorities that are responsible for maintaining law and order as well as the general public. The worst hit victims are the asylum seekers.

The European Union needs an immediate, comprehensive plan to help them respond to this crisis, just as they did last year with the Ukrainian crisis. The comprehensive plan must affirm effective governance over the refugees flows. This is to ensure that the comprehensive plan takes place in an orderly, safe way and in a place reflecting the capacity of Europe to absorb them. For the plan to be comprehensive, it has to go beyond the borders of Europe. It will be less expensive and disruptive in maintaining refugees close or in their locality.

Syria being the foundation of the current disaster, the priority must be the Syrian population fate. This should not lead to the forgetting of the migrants and asylum seekers. In addition to that, this comprehensive plan should be followed by a worldwide response that will be led by the United Nations involving every member nations in the world. The burden will be distributed among all the nations and lead to the common global standard for dealing with future problems of the same kind.

The comprehensive plan will have components that must be followed by the European Union. First and foremost, the EU should accept a minimum of one million asylum seekers each and every year. The burden must be shared fairly to realize that component. Financing should be paramount at this time. The funds can be tapped from borrowing from the AAA untapped capacity of Europe.

The EU should lead the world in providing funds to Turkey and Lebanon to the millions of asylum seekers in this regions. Every refugee must be allocated a minimum of 5,000 euros to take care or their essential needs. To calm the panic, the EU should establish safe channels for refugees coming from Italy and Greece. It should mobilize the private sector, churches, NGOs and other bodies to realize this urgency. This Information can be found in MarketWatch.

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of the Open Source Foundations that has projects in more than one hundred nations in the world. He has a strong commitment to an open society where regimes are accountable; human rights are respected, and no one has a monopoly on the truth. This makes the foundation come out stronger and unique than any other philanthropic efforts in History. This Information can be found in OpenSocietyFoundations.