It has been an exciting and prosperous 2017 for the team over at OneLogin. Not only did the add a new CEO, Brad Brooks, in August. They also added the largest aeronautics company in Europe to their rapidly growing list of customers.

Chris Taylor, The Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator, was quoted as saying the adoption of OneLogin was part of a larger digital transformation initiative. In addition to adding new customers the company was equally happy to be able to release 14 new customer stories, from customer organizations in industries such as manufacturing, education and the financial sector.

Founded in 2009 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen, OneLogin was born out of their experience at ZenDesk and a desire to conquer the security challenges companies faced moving into the cloud era. They launched the product in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. With a single login users of OneLogin can gain access to a catalog of over 5000 pre-integrated applications. Workforce users can gain access to the resources they need with the click of a mouse.

This hasn’t just been a year of unparalleled growth at OneLogin though, as they have unveiled their next-generation of Multi-Factor Authentication. Their new product Adaptive Auth utilizes the power of machine learning to review the details of the login. These details such as time of login, geolocation and network reputation help the Adaptive Auth system determine how secure the login attempt is. Combined with the newly redesigned login portal makes the customer experience smoother than ever.

Additionally companies have a new option to provide secure access to legacy applications from the outside with OneLogin WAM. Another big announcement of 2017 this will let legacy applications hosted on company servers be accessed just as easily as cloud based apps once fully set up by a company.

With the groundwork they have laid in 2017. It is looking to be a very fruitful 2018 over at OneLogin.