Sergio Cortes Gives Goes the Extra Mile

There are a lot of Michael Jackson impersonators in the industry. People that want some simple dance moves can go to a big city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles and see tons of different MJ impersonators in place. The difference between Sergio Cortes and a lot of the other Michael Jackson impersonators is the amount of time and effort that is put into a show. Most MJ impersonators have full-time jobs doing something else. They may be able to go through a couple of songs with dance moves but it won’t be anything elaborate. When people get to see Sergio they are seeing something out of the ordinary. He is an entertainer in his own right that manages to pull out all the stops and give MJ fans a real thrill.

Many words can be used to describe the essence of a Sergio Cortes performance. His shows are fantastic and precise. According to R7, Sergio has perfected the shows because he has been doing this impersonation for years. He is someone that has become a true entertainer, and the average MJ fan is going to love him. There is an energy about him that just makes people gravitate towards him. I believe that there is a lot of passion for singing and dancing to MJ tunes. That is why people have become fans of this dazzling impersonator. It is a special bond between him and a lot of MJ fans. People that have had the chance to see him are really amazed by what he represents. There are many people that are impressed because he comes through with the hits and some lesser known MJ songs. Most impersonators would not do things like “Ghost,” but fans have seen Sergio Cortes performing this MJ song.

That is what has made Sergio one of the better MJ impersonators. He digs deep. It doesn’t just stay up on the surface with some hits that everyone knows. Cortes takes the chances that other impersonators are afraid to take. Everyone isn’t going to go out on a limb and practice moves for the songs that were not big hits, but this adds some spice to the tribute shows. People know that he has done his research. They know that they are getting an impersonator that is well-rehearsed. This is an impersonator that knows the MJ catalog of hits – and misses – very well.

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