Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports achievers. His brother, Michel Terpins, is a renowned rally drive and a bike lover. The Brazilian driver is also a high achiever who has completed five Sertões Rally at his age of 44. Rodrigo started showing his passion for sports and speed at a young age having stayed with his sporting father, Jack Terpins. Jack was a famous basketball player and president of both Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council.


Their family excellence in sports motivated Rodrigo to join rally sports. Over the years, the talented driver has grown his name in the off-road championships across Brazil. He has graced events and trounced his competitors in what looked like routine and not luck. Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are members of Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

The two brothers are following the footsteps of their father, and they are making remarkable leaps in the world of sports. Michel Rodrigo was a reputable motorbike racer before collaborating with his sibling to conquer the T1 prototype. They have been racing together for the last four seasons. They board the T-Rex that was customized for them specifically for this race. MEM Motorsport company developed the motor for the rough terrain. His passion in T1 prototype category kept Rodrigo interested in rally.


Rodrigo and Michel Terpins took part in the recent 22nd Sertoes Rally championship that covered around 2,600 km across two states and seven diverse and different courses designed to examine their dynamic abilities, physical, and mental agility over their contestants. The two completed the race in position three. They were position eight out of the 38 competitors who started the race.

Rodrigo did not participate in the Cuesta off-road challenge that concluded few months ago, he promised never to miss future championships. Rodrigo revealed his plans of teaming up with his brother to boost his chances of winning. Currently, the Brazilian is contented with the current rate of his career development. He is trying to accomplish a balanced life with his profession and family to get the best from the two worlds.