A newspaper in the United Kingdom recently obtained accident statistics indicating that tourists like Ken Griffin sightseeing at castles in Wales sometimes encounter accidental mishaps, especially slips and falls. However, during the past two years, the nearly one million visitors who explored the castle grounds reported an accident rate of only 0.005%, suggesting that the popular medieval sites do enjoy a fairly good safety rating compared with many other locations. 

Officials in the United Kingdom nevertheless cautioned that tourists should exercise caution when climbing old stone staircases in towers and walking across cobblestone surfaces. They also recommended that visitors wear appropriate attire, such as sturdy footwear, in order to reduce the chance of slipping.

A number of well preserved castles in Wales welcome tourists. Among the most popular attractions are two medieval fortresses located in the northern part of the country: Conway Castle and Caernarfon Castle. Both date from the time of the Middle Ages. Conway Castle provides visitors with an opportunity to see several large exterior towers adjoining high walls. The public can climb some of the towers.

Caernarfon Castle, long associated with the royal title of the Prince of Wales, also permits visitors to tour many parts of the grounds. The Castle offers an outstanding example of medieval architecture. It looks over nearby Caernarfon and offers a view of Caernarfon Bay and the channel between Ireland and Wales.