Desiree Perez is changing things in many ways for Tidal. She is marketing the company in a new way, and people are getting excited about what is happening with Tidal. The Tidal X concert was a success, and performances of the show are being uploaded to the website. This is the exclusive content that people cannot get anywhere else.It doesn’t matter if they search all of YouTube. It doesn’t matter if they go to Spotify. Tidal has the videos of big stars like Beyonce in concert that cannot be seen anywhere else.


Dez Perez is the one that has made this happen. She has certainly been able to make people notice what Tidal has to offer. It was a difficult path to take, but somehow Desiree Perez has carved out a place for Tidal in the industry.


In the early stages of Shawn Carter’s ownership of Tidal there was no real sign of this company standing out. Other executives were place. These executives have left since that time, and there is no sign of the old Tidal. It was a company that was just trying to blend in with the other music streaming services and get a percentage of the pie. Now there is another way that Desiree Perez is going about getting things in order for this company. She is doing her best to make people see that there is a way to stay on top of the competition. Perez has decided to shift the focus for Tidal and work towards standing out. There is no need for this music streaming service to fall into the same line of vision that other music streaming companies have fallen in. Perez wanted to do something that was different.


Now she is focusing on subscribers that were not completely content with the service that they were getting. This is the app that presents the high fidelity music streaming experience. This is more than just another app with music that everyone has access to. This is the groundbreaking app with executives that have an ear to the street. The newest content is unveiled here first, and that is power. This means that Perez and Jay-Z are essentially in place to control the way that music is hitting the airwaves. Tidal is like a fashion catwalk that displays the newest things before these things are available in stores. Perez has orchestrated all of this.