There has been much interest in the FreedomPop Company and its alternative way to turn cell phone industry upside down. They have been approached by numerous companies, including mega giant Sprint, to purchase their business. However, Stephen Stokols, the CEO, says they’re not selling their 18 month old company. It doesn’t matter to him how much money they are offered, they’re not budging.

So what is so great about FreedomPop and why does everyone want in on this groundbreaking company? It’s really quite easy. This company offers free cellular service. They’re building a billion-dollar company and doing it with the help of big companies like Sprint and Verizon. See, this cell phone company gives customers 200 free airtime minutes a month. On top of that their customers get 500 free texts. Customers can bring along their old phones or purchase a refurbished model from them. They don’t do the high price stuff, this company is looking for the person who is budget minded.

If and when a customer goes over the allotted time, they do have the option to purchase more time. This is where the company will make back its money. The only real costs involved other than basic operations are the price to use the large companies’ lines. Since they don’t have any lines of their own, they must piggyback onto other companies to use their towers. Their idea is ingenious and everyone is wanting in on the action. Right now they have over a million users and have plans to spread out internationally.

Selling their company would be premature at this point, especially since it’s a money making machine. The average cost for these large cell phone companies to get a new user is $380. Because their cost is only $5.00, they have nothing but blue skies smiling at them. As reported on TechCrunch, the company has a few sponsors but they are no selling anytime soon! So look out Sprint, you have major competition.