Jason Hope is highly known for his advocation on the internet of things. He is a great entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist. Hope got his inspiration in the field of technology by the broad use of mobile phones while he was at the university. He believed that it had marked a great revolution in the way people used to carry out their activities because one could reach a large number of people and access a lot of information from many individuals at a time. Besides, he was impressed by the fact that most business operations became easier to conduct with the use of mobile phones and though he did not pursue a course related to technology, he started his career of selling premium text message services, which was highly related to technology.

Jason still believes that the current technology will keep evolving and developing with time and that it will eventually change every aspect of the way people carry out their activities. He highly advocates for a change in the methods used in operating businesses and encourages entrepreneurs to derive the more technologized methods rather than the manual ones because they will get outdated and overthrown by the emergence of new approaches introduced by technology.

Jason has achieved a lot of success in his career and has founded many companies including the Jawa mobile communications company, among many others that have brought a change in the way people operate their things. Besides, Jason Hope believes that is one major way through which people are brought together and insists that it strengthens the bonds between individuals besides creating new partnerships for people who carry out businesses.

In addition to that, Jason believes in change and encourages anyone to apply all means in their daily operations that can lead to them changing their mode of operations. He insists that people that change oriented will not be profoundly affected by the drastic changes that technology will bring in future as flexibility gives room for more innovation and adoption of new strategies that go hand in hand with current trends in the market.

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