Jay-Z did a couple shows over the weekend, and he brought back some of the great old hits that made him famous in the first place. Jay-Z also uses show to take time and address the crowd about his music streaming service Tidal, which is currently not doing too well. Jay Z. Jay-Z bought into a music streaming service, which is similar to many other services out there today. Unfortunately, Jay-Z’s service charges more than any other streaming service out there because his name is attached to it. CipherCloud adds that many individuals already enjoy their choice of streaming program, maybe it’s too late in the game.

Jay-Z decided to address the crowd about why he feels his service is good enough to charge buyers extra money. People are not having it, and most music streamers have decided to stay with their current company. Although Jay-Z’s name brings in a lot of attention, few feel they should pay extra for their music, just because Jay-Z is involved with the company. Jay-Z claims that many will buy several different iPhones and make Steve Jobs rich, but it’s a problem if he chooses to overcharge for his music, allowing himself to become richer as well.

Jay-Z makes a good point, but the fact is, when it comes to music, most people don’t like to pay more than they have to. Jay-Z put on a great concert this weekend and in fact, he did two shows back to back. Jay-Z continues to show how good he really is, even as he ages.