The Toy Box Killer was a man named David Parker Ray. He was from New Mexico and was believed to have kidnapped and then raped, tortured and murdered up to 60 women. His nickname, the Toy Box Killer stems from the fact that he had constructed a specific building that was referred to as a toy box where he would torture and rape women before killing them.


One sickening detail of David Parker Ray was that he would play a tape to his victims that explained what had happened to them, and what he would be later doing them. This how to guide was played on tape to his victims and was later found by authorities. The tape has never been released to the public because it may be too sickening for the average person to hear.


Another sick detail that emerged from the investigation and trail of the Toy Box Killer was that he would sometimes lock up his female victims in a cage and hold them in a position so that his dogs would then be able to rape them. It is hard to imagine what went through this psychopathic killer’s mind as he preceded to do these inhumane crimes.


It was found out that David Parker Ray has two accomplices. One of the accomplices was a woman named Cindy Hendy, who is believed to have engaged in sexual conduct with the victims alongside of David Parker Ray. A second male accomplice named Dennis Roy Yancy was found to have set up an ex-girlfriend with David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy. They later tortured and murdered her.  Definitely one of the worst serial killers, and provider of one of the worst creepy true stories to every grace humanity.