Thousands of people leave their homelands every year in search of a better life abroad. But which are the places that are easier to settle down in for an expat in terms of economy and local friendliness? A recent survey of 14,000 expats from 160 countries has revealed the top places: Ecuador, Luxembourg, Mexico, and Switzelrand. Maybe the results are unexpected to you, but when you read what expats have to say about their new countries you start to understand the reasons behind them scoring so many points.

Guayaquil in Ecuador ranked highest due to low living cost, which is important for a person who is new in the country and needs to make a living while still accomodating there. The city has recently started developping career opportunities, so the working forces are welcomed. Luxembourg City is just as welcoming for the career-minded people, expats said. About 40% of the population is made up of immigrants and the newcomers are simply astonished at the multitude of languages they hear around them. Everyone gets along though.

As one expat said, you only feel alone there if you want to as he wrote on Otherwise, there is a huge communitey to join and receive the newcomer advice from. Mexico City, Zurich, and New York are in the list of favorites. These are big cities with regions where the rent is more or less affordable, but the local possibilities are great, which makes the expats to want to stay there.