PR Newswire recently published a story on Securus Technologies, on how it has been providing the civil and criminal justice systems technology solutions for quite some time. The solution offered by Securus are designed to help the justice system on matters to do with public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. In a recent announcement, Securus Technologies stated that it had introduced a mobile application that was to make inmate communications with friends and family more interesting. The app will enable inmates have video phone calls whenever they are interacting with their families.
The Android phone app has now been downloaded over 60, 000 times and people are actively using it while the Apple version which is less than a week old has over 5,000 downloads. According to Vice President of Marketing and Strategy of Securus Technologies, the Securus video visit will serve as a convenient way in which those who have been incarcerated can easily connect with their loved ones. This new option to the old visitation process has been received with a lot of enthusiasm and many believe it is an innovative step.

If one has an Android or Apple phone or a tablet they can easily use the app and thus special family moments such as sporting events, birthdays and holidays are shared. The app provides a better experience than what a normal phone call would. As long as there is cellular service and Wi-Fi one can comfortably use the app and there is no need to travel to the prison.

Securus America Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and provides technology solutions to over 1,200,000 inmates. The services offered by Securus are incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service and emergency response. The firm operates on the principle of connecting what matters. The company offers its services to inmates in North America. One can learn more about Securus Technologies through .

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