UK Vintners PLC – or UKV PLC – is a London-based company that specializes in the acquisition and sale of fine wines, in addition to other wine-related services. UKV PLC also offers storage solutions for fine wine collections and investment wines; free valuations of wines and collections; delivery of wines they sell; and brokerage of wines from private collections. Of all these services, the purchasing and sales of fine wines to private collectors and businesses is their primary focus.

UK Vintners PLC deals in fine and investment wines. Their collection includes a variety of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish fine wines, as well as a selection of fine Champagnes. As they are constantly seeking new collections of fine wines to acquire, UKV PLC has an ever-changing collection from which to choose. Through their dealings with private collectors, brokers, and merchants, UKV PLC is also able to locate many wines not currently listed as for sale.

UKV PLC is a modern company, with a modern outlook on web-based and social media presence. The small company is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and has an official presence on LinkedIn. Their Facebook message response time is rated nearly instant, proving they are dedicated to ensuring quality communication with potential customers. Their Twitter feed is full of information not only about their company, but about the value of wines themselves. Helpful tips and advice about wines are also offered, drawing prospective customers in to a trustworthy company. Their Instagram feed is, by far, the loveliest, with eye-catching photos of wines and vineyards to tantalize the senses.

When purchasing from UKV PLC, buyers can be sure they are getting fully vetted fine and rare wines, whether they’re intended for drinking or investment. UKV PLC prides itself on individualized customer service, and will work hard to make sure all customers receive both the finest treatment and the finest wines.