U.S financial industry is one of the most notorious when it comes to disobeying the rules and regulations set by relevant authorities. The situation even got worse to an extent of prompting the Congress to enact new laws to govern the industry and bring sanity in 2010. Programs such as SEC Whistleblower were introduced to ensure that financial service providers adhere to the set codes of practice in the industry.


One of the individuals who have made significant impact on restoring good business practice in the financial sector is Helane Morrison. Her courage and dedication as a compliance officer is unmatched. She has managed to facilitate the development of a series of rules meant to enhance the level of performance of SEC. She never chickens out with the male dominance in her career field because she believes she has equal opportunities to do her work even better.


Her role became as a compliance officer became significant in 2007 and 2008 pre-economic crisis period. During this time, there were several cases of corruption in the financial industry. Reputable firms were caught up in a series of scandals. Most of them came crumbling down while others begged for bailouts from the government. Helena was at the forefront in scrutinizing corruption cases and giving fair verdicts.


Helane Morrison currently works at Hall Capital as a compliance officer after moving from SEC’s San Francisco office. She is one of the few women who have what it takes to survive in male-dominated positions without fearing or stepping back. She has managed to convince those who were apprehensive about her level of tenacity and boldness in this industry, which is full of controversies characterized by intimidation and blackmailing.


At Hall Capital, she ensures the company’s workforce complies with the government rules and the internal regulations that govern it. The company is at the top of the list of most successful and disciplined financial outlets because of her. People love her because of her tough demeanor. Those who have not interacted with her may think that she is intimidating, but the truth is that she is just a humble person who is interested in people’s welfare. Her exemplary performance has not gone unrecognized by organizations. She is an appointed member of the American Bar Association. At the board meetings, Helena does not shy away from speaking the truth about importance of complying with SEC rules and regulations. She never backs down until she proves her point, which has made her a popular figure at the meetings.