The big cities have working spaces that make people have isolated workstations. Co-living spaces is the cure for this isolation. Millennials particularly have this kind of relationship where other people’s company is relied upon by their colleagues. Millennials like and appreciate the safety and the structure of this organization. The co-working environment has in loco parentis operation. The startups ensure that the printer works, while the workers handle the task at hand. If at all a startup fails, a job with another company can be snagged from within the same building. For Boomers and Gen Xers, striking out on one’s own was the thrill in startup life. A safety net is however needed to catch them in case something goes wrong. With the co-living arrangement, the burden one has on their shoulders when working alone is eased. Authority figures are also present in these apartments. They operate as advisors for the residents and always intervene whenever a conflict pops up.
For these millennial generation, the need for buying a car is not seen. They opt for Uber instead. They see no need to buy a new dress when going for a work gala, whereas they can rent one from Rent the Runway. The same mindset is applied in the kitchen where they prefer to share instead. Trust, however, needs to be set up for all the people to operate as a community. Unlike the Xers who had no one to look out for them as they grew up, Millennials have received special care and have always trusted others to take care of them every day.
Their work balance is also blended in this kind of setup. To prove themselves in their offices, they often surpass the call of duty; particularly for the startups. The co-working and co-living spaces often give an assurance that there will always be someone around to help.
Despite the fact that the people need each other, privacy is a thing that everyone needs. Hence, the co-working startup Alley provides private phone booths. Additionally, strict rules are upheld to maintain the existing peace.
This arrangement is foreseen to grow and expand in the future. The needs are most likely to evolve to encourage the spirit of togetherness.
About Workville
Workville’s New York shared office space is based at Times Square steps, Bryant Park, and the major transportation hubs. Their environments create flexible spaces that are friendly for working. Their offices are shared and fitted with open desks. The lounge area or the three outdoor terraces are where people can take calls, hold meetings or work from. Workville has startups who are talented. Cultivating the success of their goal.