How EOS Redefined Chapstick

Have you ever gone shopping for chapstick and noticed that most brands look similar? Most come in little plastic tubes and are either not flavored at all, are flavored mint or cherry, or are marketed to younger girls and are then bubblegum flavored. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky realized this trend and decided to mix it up. They founded the company Evolution of Smooth (EOS) to stand out and provide something fun and new.

They wanted their product to stand out on the shelves next to the plastic tube. They designed a unique ball shape with a flat bottom so your lip balm wouldn’t run away. Not only does this design stick out among others it is also much easier to find in a purse. Complaints from women about losing the little tubes of plastic in their bags were heard and EOS made their ball just a little bigger so as to be easier to find.

No more mint chapstick, EOS lip balm came out with its own unique flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. These flavors are more fun than the usual but adult enough to not be bubblegum.

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Mehra, Teller, and Dubitsky decided to market specifically to mellinnials between the ages of 25 and 35. Their balls of chapstick usually come in popular pastel colors. They also have paired up with exciting new companies popular to this demographic such as Keds. They paired the color of the chapstick with the color of Keds shoes, and the two companies worked together to come out with thematic products like Alice in Wonderland when the movie was released.  Follow EOS on

By focusing on creating a unique product and marketing to a specific demographic EOS went from a startup company to a regular on Walmart and shelves.

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Jim Tananbaum Professional Profile

Tananbaum works for Foresite Capital Management as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He has worked in many companies promoting healthcare like Amira Phamaceuticals, Jazz Phamaceuticals and Amerigroup. He once held a position at GelTex Phamaceuticals and Theravance.

Jim Tananbaum has a Master’s Degree from Harvard Medical School and another Masters from a business school: Harvard. He is a Bachelor of Science degree holder from Yale University. His experience and prowess in management is the reason why he serves on multiple advisory boards: Harvard and Yale Engineering School. More details can be found on Speakerpedia.

Dr. Molly He

Jim Tananbaum was excited to be able to add one more partner to Foresite Capital: Dr. Molly He. Her extensive expertise in genomics, leadership and drug development are an invaluable asset to the team according to Dr. Jim. Jim feels that Dr. He’s inclusion will help Foresite to grow and diversify its portfolio.

He worked at Illumina as a senior director of its scientific research. She was the company’s global protein expert responsible for innovation and improvements. Prior to working at Illumia she was leader of Pacific Biosciences protein science. Earlier, she worked, close to 10 years, in pharmaceuticals where her primary focus was designing antibody drugs targeting cancer and diseases targeting the immune system.

Molly has a Bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in biochemistry. From the University of California, she has s biophysics and protein Ph.D. She is the publisher of over 20 papers, holding patents in the next generation sequencing area. She also has patents in the area of personalized medicine.

He was quick to point out that Foresite’s reputation precedes it in investing in the most promising healthcare companies. She said that she was excited to have been able to join the company. She described the team as seasoned and dynamic. She feels the area of next-generation sequencing had the likelihood of being the catalyst to breakthrough new medication courtesy of research.

Foresite Capital

This is a capital provider to new healthcare leaders in the industry with disruptive products. It offers this assistance to healthcare institutions whether public or private. Disruptive services also get capital assistance from Foresite.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina on Innovation and Brand

This past week we saw Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina release two new pieces of content for the Huffington Post. Reina created Talk Fusion back in 2007 after accurately gauging just how important video marketing would become in the future. Reina’s work has become so prolific that he routinely contributes content to the Huffington Post in order to share his expertise. This last week the Huffington Post underwent their own branding change, renaming and refocusing under the new title ‘HuffPost’. Reina is a huge fan of innovation and brand marketing so he was quick to release a comment, coinciding with the release of his new articles.



Reina released two articles that coincided with the launch of the new HuffPost brand. His articles focused on marketing and thriving in the new digital age. If you head to the HuffPost then you’ll be able to see the articles under the headings: “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters“. Both of these articles are being shared, viewed, and commented on by thousands of readers around the world who are interested in advancing their careers in whatever field that they are chasing.


The HuffPost is focusing their new brand toward a concentrated goal: “telling the stories of people who have been left out of the conversation.” It’s easy to see why the HuffPost would be changing the way that they focus content in the new age of digital media. The HuffPost has been a stalwart provider of content for years and this change can only enhance their branding.


In fact, Reina was quick to comment on the HuffPost’s new branding focus. Reina stated, “I’m very pleased to see that this trending platform took a step back to hone in on the things that matter, such as culture and fulfillment, with the re-launch of their brand.” Reina’s a huge fan of innovation and never growing stale and comfortable in your shoes. Reina’s own Talk Fusion is looking to grow in the biggest way after a successful 2016 that saw them make several huge strides.


Zone Based Heating Discussed By Goettl Air Conditioning

The Goettl brand of air conditioning repair and servicing technicians has been at the heart of the Las Vegas community for around half a century and recently made a triumphant return to the city in a bid to once again become one of the leading HVAC and plumbing services in Nevada. Goettl has been enjoying a resurgence in fortunes under latest owner Ken Goodrich and placing a focus on bringing the latest technology to the people of Las Vegas; the latest technology being developed by Goettl is the use of zone heating that allows the people of any property to heat specific areas of a home to heat or cool a home.


Zone heating was discussed by Goettl manager Michael Gamst as he completed another amazing community based project for the Las Vegas based Stephenson family who have spent a number of years struggling to heat and cool their home. The family have a number of teenage children who have also had to live without a working toilet for a number of years and the Treble5Teens charity brought the Goettl brand to the family to complete their work free of charge.


Goettl has engaged with the local community on a number of levels, which includes making moves to ensure the latest technicians making their way to the company are trained in the best possible way; a partnership with the College of Southern Nevada has grown up with a number of donations and scholarships growing up with the aid of owner Ken Goodrich.


The development of the Goettl brand should continue with the group looking to continue its growth across Las Vegas with a series of mergers, such as the recent linkup with Las Vegas Air that has seen a number of trucks and technicians added to the company for both the commercial and residential sectors.


Clay Siegall: The Co-founder of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is a co-founder of Seattle Genetics which was formed in 1998. He chairs the Board and also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The enterprise was established on the foundation of science and innovation, research, and the medication development practices. The company got the current leadership position by collaborating with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company in the production of ADCETRIS which got its FDA approval in 2011 as the first product of ADC.


Dr. Siegall has seen to it that the Seattle Genetics received various strategic permits for the use of ADC technology. Some of the companies that collaborated are AbbVie, Genentech (Roche), and Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and together have managed to make over $350 million. He has also established more than 20 ADCs who are working on the clinical development and using the technology developed by Seattle Genetics technology. Other than managing, DR. Siegal has also helped in securing over $1.2 billion by using both the public and private financing.


Before venturing into this company. Dr. Clay Siegall worked with the Institute of National Cancer, National Institute of wellbeing between the years 1988 up to 1991. He then went to Bristol-Myers Squibb which is a research institute dealing with pharmaceuticals from 1991-1997. He served as a board of director in Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable.


Dr. Siegall was driven into his career after going through a personal experience where he watched his father dealing with cancer. It was this journey that made him aware of the limitation of devices that oncologist needed. Since he wanted to improve this, he pursued Genetics and got a Ph.D. from Washington University and advanced to Zoology at the University of Maryland where he was awarded a B.S. He wanted to ensure that the tools dealing with cancer patients were improved. When he thought of starting a company, he studies on how to run a business which helped him with the venture.


In the course of his work, he has managed to receive many awards including the Pacific West Ernst and Young Businessperson of the year which he won in 2012 and the Alumnus of the year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland Alumnus in 2013.

An Insight into the Life of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was born on 7th March 1992. He is well known for his dedication to solving the sleep apnea problem facing Americans. For this reason, he has established a firm called Dental Sleep Masters that is focused on solving the issue of sleep apnea. Back in 2012, he established another venture called Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient that was focused on lecturing dentists about sleeping disorders. He began his practice at the Old Bridge Dental Care in New York City 18 years ago. He worked at this venture for 15 years before quitting to start other ventures. During his time as a dentist, he was recognized as the best dentist in the country many times. Avi is also the face behind Healthy Heart Sleep, a venture he established in the year 2010.


In a recent interview by IdeaMensch, the doctor talked about his life and here is what he had to say. Asked about where the idea of Dental Sleep Masters originated from, he explained that it was as a result of the desire to find the role that dentists can play in sleep disorders. The doctor’s day is quite involving; he wakes up at 5 am and spends the first one hour praying. He then talks with his life coach and spends the remaining time meditating before he can enter into his office at 8 am. Once he has settled down in the office, he spends his time writing blog posts, making calls and reading emails. He says that he must schedule most of the things to remain productive.


Asked about how he brings his ideas to life, Avi says that he has a habit of writing everything on his phone or a piece of paper. The one habit that cools him is the ability to interact with people from different walks of life. The ability to handle constructive criticism has helped shape the man he is today. The doctor says that he has been inspired by Steve Jobs. One thing that he loved about Steve Jobs is his attention to detail as well as ingenuity. Dr. Avi Weisfogel says that he feels that he has made the right decisions about his life and has nothing to regret.

The Insurance Policies Offered by US Health Group

US Health Group is one of the top insurance companies in the United States. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is a subsidiary company of the larger conglomerate Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. What sets this company apart from other insurance companies is its comprehensive insurance policies that are among the most affordable around. They are also among the most innovative as consumers can take advantage of a number of benefits. As of today, USHealth Group offers policies that include health, life, accident and disability and also specific disease/sickness coverage. With all of these available policies, anyone who is need of comprehensive insurance coverage will benefit from getting a policy from US Health Group.

While this company offers a wide range of insurance policies to many people, the most common policy purchased is health insurance. Since many people need to have adequate coverage for their healthcare, they often seek a health policy from USHealth Group. By providing some of the most affordable rates and most comprehensive coverage available, USHealth offers individuals, families, small business owners and employees a very high quality health insurance policy. There are a number of benefits offered from the health insurance policy besides affordable rates. Consumers can take advantage of getting their rates locked in for up to 15 months at no extra charge. They can also take advantage of seeing any doctor or hospital they want and also being able to purchase more coverage options without needing to get approval through additional underwriting. See also.

Anyone who is in the market for additional insurance policies form USHealth Group will be able to take advantage of its other offerings. People can look into getting accident and disability insurance. If someone is in an accident and becomes disabled, the company’s policies will provide adequate coverage to help improve the individual’s quality of life. As well as providing accident and disability insurance, consumers such as families can purchase life insurance. Since most people will have considerable debts and funeral expenses upon their death, they will be able to provide compensation for their survivors. A life insurance policy will be able to provide a considerable amount of coverage for those who need to take care of their survivors upon their death.


Monitor Your Online Reputation

Are you planning to protect your online reputation and build a great impression about your company?

Online reputation management companies offer expert reputation management solutions for individuals and businesses. These companies often have a team of qualified professionals, comprising of SEO specialists and digital content publishing experts.

There are many reputation management firms such as Reputation Defender that provide customized solutions so that organizations, entrepreneurs and institutions can easily and effectively handle the issues on their own. Some of the issues often encountered include displeased employees, malicious competitors, and irate customers. With the use of top notch online reputation tools and system, a reliable firm can advise and guide you in building a great reputation online.

Let the experts help you build a great reputation by creating valuable content and posting it all over the web while suppressing negative reviews. Having your positive content show up on top pages of search results means people will be given a good impression about you or your brand.

Managing your reputation can be time consuming so getting experts to handle it for you will allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Once you have a discussion with these professionals and they understand what you’re dealing with, they will devise a customized reputation management solution or strategy to address those problems.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting will be required in other to get good results. Expert know that establishing and maintaining reputation requires ongoing monitoring, and the process is not for the inexperienced. That is why it is important to choose a renowned team of professionals to help you handle the task. Proactive monitoring is essential and it helps get rid of negative issues as soon as they occur.

Well-established reputation service providers have designers, editors, and developers, and they produce quality, useful content for their clients. Many of them have expertise in online advertising, social media, and public relations, which helps to strengthen your brand image online. By publishing quality content and applying SEO strategy, they can then help you to outrank or suppress any negative content that is published online.

NuoDB, a Cloud Database Solution

When choosing a database for your company, you want to get is right the first time since chances are, it’s either a one-time thing or a long term decision.

The software market is evolving and so should the applications you use. That is why you need a SQL cloud database like NuoDB, one that caters for past, current and future needs. This database is known for its transactional integrity and scalability for cloud deployment.

The company was founded in 2008 and its headquarters based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB has had the privilege to appear on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and its technology is trusted and used by reputable companies such as Kodiak, Systemes, Alfa Systems, UAE Exchange, just to mention a few.

To help save money, NuoDB leverages existing resources, scrapping the need for expensive architecture and other components.

For excellent performance and new features to cater to your changing needs, turn to NuoDB.

Yanni Hufnagel – A Young Assistant College Basketball Coach Whose Star Is Already Shining

At 30 years of age, Yanni Hufnagel has already tasted success and has much more coming his way. Do not be mistaken though; he is neither a top rated financial expert nor the most admirable legal professional in the country. The young Yanni works as an assistant basketball coach. The huge success that the Crimson’s experienced during Yanni’s four seasons on the bench earned him a stellar reputation as one of the youngest, yet highly talented coaches in the country. His career in basketball was as good as determined from a tender age, seeing that he was cut from the varsity basketball team during his years in high school. Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale, graduated from Cornell, and currently, resides in Boston.


While growing up, lacrosse was his best sport, and after playing for one season at Penn State, he realized he was not good enough. Yanni Hufnagel said that he would fiddle with figurines of basketball players under his comforter, besides reading many coaching books. Yanni called games for the public access television station in his town, just like any other Jewish boy. He even imitated Bill Raftery, a commentator, by shouting the term ‘onions’ after Scarsdale made big shots. Ed Cohen, Yanni’s broadcast partner, confesses that he knew Yanni would achieve tremendous success in the world of basketball. Ed Cohen says that Yanni Hufnagel’s ability to analyze basketball exceeded that of a person of his age. As such, his colleagues always knew that he would earn a living out of it, or become a coach one day. This post by Ben Cohen offers an in-depth description of the Yanni’s career in basketball.


On April 2016, CBS Sports reported that the former California assistant (he worked with California for two seasons) had accepted the offer to become a member of the Wolf Pack coaching staff. Working under the head coach Eric Musselman, Yanni Hufnagel has a wealth of knowledge to offer to Nevada. Besides, California and Harvard, Yanni has also coached at Vanderbilt. Musselman expressed his confidence in Yanni saying that his track record while serving as an assistant coach in three renowned academic institutions speaks for itself.

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