What Does a Dog Want in the Food that He is Given?

When a dog has a dish of dog food placed in front of him, just what is that dog looking for? What is the dog desiring when he is being fed? Does the dog want food that is amazing in the taste that it brings? Is the dog looking for food that will help him to feel healthy? Does the dog want food that is crunchy? A dog wants to be well cared for, and that affects the way that he feels about the food that he is given. A dog wants his owner to look out for him, and he needs the best food from that owner.

What does a dog want in the food that he is given? A dog wants to receive food that is going to give him energy. Dogs love to run around, and a dog wants the food that he eats to give him the energy that he needs to do that. A dog wants the food that he is given to have a taste that he enjoys. Dogs love eating, and they want to have food available that is going to taste good and be pleasing to their mouths. A dog wants the food that he is given to support his health. A dog wants to be healthy and strong, and he wants to receive the right food so that he can stay that way. A dog wants to know that he is getting food that is going to support his health, his body, and his stomach.

When a pet owner is buying food for a dog and looking to purchase something that the dog will love, that pet owner wants to find food from a good brand such as Beneful. A dog wants to eat food that tastes good and that is healthy to their body, and Beneful offers the kind of food that a dog wants. Beneful has options available that look out for the health of the dog, and that also taste great to that dog. When a pet owner shops from a brand like Beneful, they can provide the dog with just the kind of food that he is looking to receive. A dog wants food from a brand like Beneful.

Development of Real Estate in New York City

Of all the cities in the USA, New York City is where many people live, making it the most populated. It grows at an alarming rate globally. As far as finance, trend and fashion and culture are concerned, The New City tops all the cities. The city is a tourist’s harbour. It’s a metropolis city. It has a global impact on everything in the world, especially the market.

This so called “the City that never sleeps” is always open with opportunities for real estate investors who come up with magnificent buildings which are used as homes, business premises, social amenities and offices. Many prefer purchasing a building rather than renting it.

Tips for buying all the New York City luxury real estate you can imagine

Time frame
You should know the time and rate at which the property will be priced at. If you just hurry up and decide to buy something not renovated you might regret it. Renovation means that you will delay in renting it out but one you do it, you get good money and on a long term basis.

Since you work with brokers and they understand the market of that place well, then consider yourself lucky as you will be given all the details of good and bad places to buy or put up your property.

Compare selling and renting benefits
Try to figure out how you will benefit from buying your property and if you rent it. Sometimes the economy affects everything rendering the selling price cheaper than usual as compared to renting, which will always go up.

Compare owning an apartment and a multi-family house
Do what you feel is comfortable for you after getting advice and being convinced that it is the way to go. For instance buying an apartment might be better as compared to buying a multi-family house.

Always go for houses with small sized bedrooms. You will pay for the square foot of the land regardless of the number of bedrooms present but when you rent the same house, you are paid per the number of bedrooms in it.

Immediate income
This will definitely come from tenants if you happen to buy the house when they had rented. Get to know them well and how they make payment.

Tax history
Many buyers go for property with abatements. This means that a sum of money on taxation was reduced for some time to allow more investment.

Property renovation
Once you have it, do the necessary renovations and make it cleaner. This will attract many good tenants.

The building should be well examined with relation to the money exchanged for. The state of the building should attract a certain sum of money.

As Technology Grows, Productivity Falls

Common sense says that technology should enhance the workplace. Computers were brought into the office to help reduce waste, and many careers have become obsolete with the rise of modern computers. Apps like Skout had also been made. However, a potentially disturbing trend is starting to emerge. Well’s Fargo has released a report about the growth of labor productivity in a variety of fields. Vox is reporting that, across the board, labor productivity growth rates have fallen behind the levels in 2003. Some services, such as utilities and mining have actually had productivity decreases in the digital age. The only sector to see good growth is the technology sector, but even their growth has fallen slightly behind 2003 levels.

One possible explanation for the slowdown is that the new tools are genuinely useless or redundant. The perceived benefits of some new innovations may be far greater than the actual reward they reap. More likely, however, is that it is simply easier to slack off. As jobs become more digitally oriented, it becomes easier to look productive while browsing a website unrelated to work. Many websites have noticed that their traffic has started to peak during work hours not during the evenings and weekends. Another possible explanation is the law of diminishing returns. The concept states that each additional improvement yields less benefit than the previous one. Put simply, the earlier technological improvements were massive, but the modern ones are only slightly better than the last version.

Purina PetCare Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that, in our present time, social media is essential to the success of any brand or business. Yet, mastering its usefulness and targeting the right audience and be tricky, to say the least. What the Purina news coverage has done to set itself apart from its competitors is innovative and entertaining.

With the help of YouTube comedy channel Jash, Julian Smith directing, and Adam Schlessinger wielding the pen, Purina Petcare created a catchy tune and video which aired during the 2015 Grammy Awards. The music video, featuring Boss the Corgi, gets your fingers snapping, foot tapping, and your dog yapping for a Purina Beggin’ snack. Airing a social media geared ad during a program that triggers millions to interact via social media showed Purina’s strategic marketing intelligence. Coupling the ad with a popular hashtag, #IGETBEGGIN, allows many users to engage with Purina across its many social platforms.

Most of Purina Petcare’s success with the viral ad has come through Facebook, garnering more than 950,000 views. The popularity of Boss the Corgi also helps drive traffic to both the YouTube video and Purina’s website. After watching the viral sensation, along with some of the company’s other social media promotions; one can’t help but think about getting a bag of Beggin’ snacks for their pooch.

Purina Petcare has been a digital presence well before the triumphant “I Get Beggin’” music video. Some of the company’s earliest tactics include an email application, Doggie-Mail which sent messages online courtesy of a talking dog; and sponsoring the PawNation.com website. The site was filled with content like videos, pictures, tips and tricks provided by pet owners. Purina continuously engages its audience online thereby exercising its social media dominance over other brands. With its iPhone app that lets users find pet-related locations and even a Facebook game that allows gamers to manage their own Purina pet resort, their digital advantage is sure to last.

Purina’s technical prowess continues to amaze with its pioneering commercial which aired in Austria that had audio effects only pets could hear. The company even took advantage of internet sensation Grumpy Cat’s popularity by making the ferociously cute feline the “spokescat” for its Friskies brand. Only time will tell just how far Purina Petcare will take its digital success but as long as the company continues to engage pets and owners, Purina will be sure to stay ahead of the pack.

FreedomPop’s Gets $30 Million in Sponsors

There has been much interest in the FreedomPop Company and its alternative way to turn cell phone industry upside down. They have been approached by numerous companies, including mega giant Sprint, to purchase their business. However, Stephen Stokols, the CEO, says they’re not selling their 18 month old company. It doesn’t matter to him how much money they are offered, they’re not budging.

So what is so great about FreedomPop and why does everyone want in on this groundbreaking company? It’s really quite easy. This company offers free cellular service. They’re building a billion-dollar company and doing it with the help of big companies like Sprint and Verizon. See, this cell phone company gives customers 200 free airtime minutes a month. On top of that their customers get 500 free texts. Customers can bring along their old phones or purchase a refurbished model from them. They don’t do the high price stuff, this company is looking for the person who is budget minded.

If and when a customer goes over the allotted time, they do have the option to purchase more time. This is where the company will make back its money. The only real costs involved other than basic operations are the price to use the large companies’ lines. Since they don’t have any lines of their own, they must piggyback onto other companies to use their towers. Their idea is ingenious and everyone is wanting in on the action. Right now they have over a million users and have plans to spread out internationally.

Selling their company would be premature at this point, especially since it’s a money making machine. The average cost for these large cell phone companies to get a new user is $380. Because their cost is only $5.00, they have nothing but blue skies smiling at them. As reported on TechCrunch, the company has a few sponsors but they are no selling anytime soon! So look out Sprint, you have major competition.

Flying Blue

Michael Ian Black is known for his comedic sense and timing. The comedian has over 2 million followers on Twitter and frequently and engages in questions and conversations with his fans. Recently Michael Ian Black took to Twitter to have conversations with Delta Airlines on behalf of its travelers. Michael Ian Black was supposed to be heading to Buffalo New York this weekend to appear at a comedy club called the Helium Comedy Club. Unfortunately the comedian has had a lot of trouble getting there. His initial flight through Delta Airlines ended up being delayed for more than 8 hours at the JFK International Airport. The delay was caused by alleged mechanical problems. The travelers weren’t so much upset about the delay so much so as how the an airline gave little to no information on the problem at hand. During the delay Michael Ian Black tweeted Delta’s official Twitter account and the conversation escalated rather quickly from there. Michael had to switch his flight three times and ended up just taking a flight with JetBlue. Delta Airlines eventually agreed to compensate the comedian for the 1,200 dollars he had to spend to get to his final destination. James Dondero says for him that wasn’t enough and he wanted the company to compensate everyone else who had to go through that 8 hour delay. Delta airlines has yet to respond to the comedian and no one is sure whether or not the travelers for the original flight will be getting their money back. Michael Ian Black will continue working Delta Airlines until he gets the answers he wants.

Brian Wilson, Better Days and Going Strong

Brian Wilson, former Beach Boy, spends his days keeping in shape visiting the park, and deli two or three times a day, reports Rolling Stone Magazine. He munches on a bowl of blueberries and a burger then walks through the park. Brian says, “I’m anxious, depressed, I get scared a lot,” and he goes on to say the park keeps him straight. However Brian is a lay back guy, and is grateful for the slow down and better days in his life.

According to this article by Igor Cornelsen, He says he wanders up to his music room and can’t write a song, and all he does is rewrite California Girls. Tired he may be, but his newest release “No Pier Pressure” is doing well, and he is touring the United States and Europe this summer. Brian says that one reason he made it through the hard years is his wife Melinda. He and his wife Melinda, have five kids, and have been married for 20 years.

The Impeccable Visual Search Technology

Visual search is one of the many exciting technology trends in E-commerce. Although the technology is not new, it is finding a new life in e-commerce mobile apps and websites. This owes to the fact that it ‘reads’ the images to recognize shape, size, color, proportions and even texts to identify the product and brand names. This gives a wide advantage over the key-word matched search in that results are only good as the searcher’s capability to describe an item.

In keyword search, keywords must be in both the query and the product’s description. Else, the page’s metadata. A match greatly depends on product copy fully describing the product in a similar way.

The web’s usability maxim ‘don’t make me think’ is gratified by visual search when a picture is of a thousand keywords. On mobile apps, visual search taken from pictures can result to accurate and quicker results.
Visual search can also enhance keyword search. The visually similar items feature on Google shopping’s gives the users a very relative way to search deeper.

Another advantage is that some retailers build visual search apps for specific categories only. Whereas amazon is taken to be ‘show rooming app’, any retailer who offers visual search in mobile applications can combat mushrooming and even benefit from customers show rooming other various retail shops. With visual search, almost anything can be snapped to shop from the world. One does not have to be in the retailer’s digital store or vicinity to access the products. The whole world is a showroom now, and specifically with snap-to-buy function.

Slyce is one of the leading visual search providers. It integrates with the Globe’s leading retail brands to provide their shoppers with the capacity to find the things that simply inspire them by taking a snap of a photo with their smartphones. It offers a variety of customizable services for all the visual search needs that one may need.

Slyce automatically tag products within the customer’s photos. Their system handles everything right from photo moderation to the product ID to a URL embeddable ‘Lookbook’ for the ecommerce sites. Their technology enables a match for billboard advertisements and physical print. Users snap photos of what is of interest to them in a branded website or branded app and get more information or even create a transaction.

Beats By Dre Are Worn Because They’re Cool

Have you heard of Beats By Dre headphones and thought about purchasing them for yourself? Have you wondered if there really is anything different between them and other brands, or if it is all jut in the name?

Well, your questions may have been answered. When someone took a good look at the headphones and what they are made up of, they decided that the parts aren’t worth nearly as much as the cost of these headphones. They shouldn’t necessarily be as expensive as they are, but it is all in the name. It’s all about the fact that you are wearing the coolest headphones around.
These are a very popular item nowadays, and people like owning something that they feel is cool says Crystal Hunt. They like owning what other people own, and being able to look just as rich as them. So, it might not be all about the quality. With this brand, it seems to be more about the name than anything.

Make North American Spine The First Option To Heal Back Pain

A young mother was picking up her daughter when she stood up quickly, and she started feeling very bad back pain. The pain was so bad that the mother had to put her child down and sit down for a while. The pain was stemming from her lower back, and even sitting down didn’t help the pain. After the mother took a few pain pills, she felt that the pain would go away, but no such luck. It turns out that the mother had severely hurt her back when she was picking up her daughter, and she did nothing about it for several months.

After suffering in pain for months she went to her doctor, and the doctor told her that surgery may be necessary to correct the problem that she had with her back. Although it seems very dramatic that a person can end up with severe back pain because of picking up a child, this can happen at any time. Picking up a child, packages, heavy loads and more, all of this can have an effect on one’s back. Depending on the weight that is being picked up, and how a person picks up something, they can put too much strain on their back, which may end up causing permanent damage.

Those who do heavy lifting on a regular basis, especially those in the construction business, they are more likely to have severe back pain. Bending, stooping, standing, and other ways that one uses their back, all of this can cause back pain, which may end up being chronic. It’s even possible for a person to have back pain so bad that they are unable to work. North American Spine has helped many that are suffering from back pain, and many have had some real relief from their pain

Back pain is actually the number one reason why anyone calls out from work. Since back pain is very common, it’s understandable that chronic back pain is common as well. Those who do nothing to help fix their back or heal the pain they are suffering from, they may end up with chronic back pain that lasts for six months or more. North American Spine understand every part of the back, and they have surgeries available to help with back pain. North American Spine has the AccuraScope procedure available to help heal back pain for good, so it’s best to start the healing process at their facilities.

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