Top Places to Live in, According to Expats

Thousands of people leave their homelands every year in search of a better life abroad. But which are the places that are easier to settle down in for an expat in terms of economy and local friendliness? A recent survey of 14,000 expats from 160 countries has revealed the top places: Ecuador, Luxembourg, Mexico, and Switzelrand. Maybe the results are unexpected to you, but when you read what expats have to say about their new countries you start to understand the reasons behind them scoring so many points.

Guayaquil in Ecuador ranked highest due to low living cost, which is important for a person who is new in the country and needs to make a living while still accomodating there. The city has recently started developping career opportunities, so the working forces are welcomed. Luxembourg City is just as welcoming for the career-minded people, expats said. About 40% of the population is made up of immigrants and the newcomers are simply astonished at the multitude of languages they hear around them. Everyone gets along though.

As one expat said, you only feel alone there if you want to as he wrote on Otherwise, there is a huge communitey to join and receive the newcomer advice from. Mexico City, Zurich, and New York are in the list of favorites. These are big cities with regions where the rent is more or less affordable, but the local possibilities are great, which makes the expats to want to stay there.

What’s Up With EDM Festivals Today?

EDM festivals have been around for quite some time now and have stirred up some controversy across the world. 2015’s Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the year with 165,000 EDM lovers attending. So, what is the problem with this? DJ’s come from all over the world to play at the music festivals and for some people, this is why they go. But, festivals have now changed and are more mainstream than ever.

People are dancing around and having a good time but when they hear a song that they would hear on the radio any other day, they go insane. Songs by Nicki Minaj come on yet she is not an EDM singer which confused myself and Zeca Oliveira when we heard it on the radio. So, how does her music end up at a EDM festival? Instead of attendees enjoying the true electronic music that is supposed to be played at these festivals, they are raving over mainstream radio music as has discovered. DJ’s are not so fond of this. John Digweed was 2001’s number 1 DJ in the entire world and reported that these festivals should be playing electronic music that is less known so they can broaden the ears of these EDM festival attendees. He thinks that if you are the most popular DJ in the world, you could play music that people do not know and you could blow their minds but if you play music that listeners already hear on the radio, what is the point? It is just laziness.

Tourist Flocking to Cuba


Cuba received a million tourists in the first quarter of this year, representing a 14 percent growth of foreigners to the island.

That growth rating is marked by an “encouraging behavior” of markets, the statement said Mintur quoted by local media.

According to Dr Jennifer Walden, Canada maintains its leading position in the list of countries sending tourists to the island with a 12.6% growth, followed by Germany (23.3%), France (22.8%), UK (30.6%), and Italy (10.8% ).

Cuban tourism authorities cite the consolidation of new trade and promotion in different markets for the reported rise.

Since beginning the peak tourist season, (November to April) one of the most revived areas has been the cruise mode, with notable growth in January that has brought the island 76% more passengers than the preceding year, according to data published on the website of the National Bureau of Statistics and Information.

In 2014 Cuba first exceeded the threshold of three million visits, receiving 3,002,745 million tourists (5.3% more than in 2013).

New Injectable Drug Can Eliminate that Double Chin

What can you do to remove the double chin? According to scientists, they’ve discovered a better option than surgery.

A panel of dermatologists and professional consultants have submitted drug ATX-101(sodium deoxycholate), a formula that removes neck fat to the FDA for approval.

It’s the first injectable, that is not a filler, that can eliminate fat that has been cleared by the FDA to use in patients.

The drug eliminates fat cells deposited under the chin, without damaging the underlying tissues. The ingredients are based on a natural chemical that helps the body eat away the membranes of fat cells.

ATX-101 is manufactured by the company Kythera, and was tested in a specific but limited group.

Zeca Oliveira has learned that the results of clinical trials have shown so far that it is safe.

If approved, after the study for public use in the US, the drug would be cheaper than liposuction, and a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery says Dr. Susan Weinkle, a dermatologist in Bradenton Florida, who helped test the drug in patients.

According to Dr. Rotunda, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, “side effects, such as swelling, bruising and numbness appear to be mild to moderate, but lidocaine, ice and NSAID painkillers can significantly reduce pain.”

The Cheapest Countries for Budget Traveling

Looking to get out of the states and find an adventure? One of the most important points when planning a trip is budget. Not just the cost of the ticket and hotel but food, transportation, attractions and other unexpected expenses that may arise.

The website MoveHub conducted an analysis of the price index that consumers pay in 119 countries around the world to determine which are cheaper travel and what the costs are very high.

Switzerland is the most expensive with the highest average cost of living, followed by Norway, Venezuela, Iceland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Kuwait and the United Kingdom country. On the other hand, India is the country with the lowest cost of living and with Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Moldova, Egypt, Macedonia, Syria and Colombia occupy the first 10 places.

In South America, Peru is the country with the second lowest cost of living similar to that of Bolivia and Ecuador over Colombia. Brazil and Chile rank third after Argentina and finally Venezuela, considered the most expensive country in the region.

Alexei Beltyukov ( has found these to be helpful tips for vacationing on a budget;

If you have a low budget, it is important to spend as much time as possible in countries with low cost of living.

Travel during low season, as there will be more offers for affordable accommodation.

The big cities are more expensive, so you should look to stay in small towns that are connected by transportation to the metropolitan

When preparing your budget, allocate a small contingency fund (theft, loss, medicine …)

The Dorchester Collection: Inside the Most Luxurious Hotels In the World

The Dorchester Collection: Inside the Most Luxurious Hotels In the World

Most people are familiar with the famous Dorchester Collection and its line of luxury hotels. Most people have heard of world famous hotels such as Coworth Park and The Beverly Hills Hotel, with links directly posted on LinkedIn. These establishments have been in existence for years as staples of the luxury and elegance of 5 star hotels. Each hotel managed by the Dorchester Collection embody their city and celebrate their unique character and history. In addition, each Dorchester Collection hotel is equipped with the most current facilities and offers unbeatable luxuries to its visitors. The Dorchester Collection manages hotels in a variety of locations in Europe and the U.S.

The most well known hotels in the U.S., Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel, are managed and operated by The Dorchester Collection. The Beverly Hills Hotel lies in the center of fame, fortune, and embodies the true Hollywood life style. Visitors are graced with state of the art luxuries and are able to experience the elegance and excitement of Beverly Hills. Hotel Bel-Air is placed in the heart of Los Angeles, but is known as a peaceful get away where the rich and famous of Los Angeles go to hide from the hustle and bustle of LA life. It is considered one of the most peaceful and romantic hotels in the world.

The Dorchester Collection’s Europe hotels are some of the most exquisite and history filled hotels in existence. Each one embodies its city and celebrates its unique history and culture. Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athanee offer the best of Paris’ beautiful cultures and give visitors the most comfort and luxury of any hotel in Paris. Hotel Eden and Hotel Principe de Savoia, located in Italy, celebrate the deep history of Italy in the most exquisite ways possible. In Switzerland, Le Richemond exists as a staple of modern facilities and state of the art luxury with a celebration of art and culture mixed in. Finally, The Dorchester Collection manages some of the most luxurious and well known hotels in England: Coworth Park, The Dorchester, and 45 Park Lane. These hotels offer visitors the most exquisite comforts and luxuries with all the elegance that embodies the rich culture and history of England.

The Dorchester Collection has been managing some of the world’s most exquisite hotels for years delivering the best luxuries and experiences to its visitors each day. It will continue to expand and improve the unique Dorchester Collection hotel experience for years to come.

Have Confidence in BRL Trust

BRL Trust Investment works with individuals and corporations alike. They are a reliable company that helps their investors choose the best options their risk profile allows. They work hard to meet the demands of their customers.

Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder and director of BRL Trust. It was founded in 2005. Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes is a director and founding partner. Rodrigo Cavalcante is a partner-director. The Anbima rating from the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association for this company is very favorable. BRL Trust is ethical and respects their national legal system. Trust and integrity are the norm for their personnel.

BRL Trust can help you with all your investment needs. They form a good relationship with their clients and work with them like a partnership. Their experience and expertise allows them to help you with a high quality investment that lets your money work for you.

BRL Trust is aware of its clients needs. They analyze and do research to make the best decisions for you. The goal is to help you attain financial security. This is done by helping you with access to ways of investing throughout the world.

The professional services of BRL Trust can help you manage your assets. They are aware that investors demand control. They use their expertise and knowledge to give you information to help you determine the amount of risk you are willing to take. You are treated as individuals and are given your own plan to help make the best investment possible while being safe with your money.

If you need financial advice and are looking for a company to help you, BRL Trust could be for you. They strive to work with their investors to help them have their investments increase. They offer great investment services and work with determination and discipline.

Sam Tabar-Investing Genius

In September 2001, Sam Tabar began his career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He graduated from Oxford University in May 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and honors. Briefly, he attended Columbia University where he was the Associate Editor for Columbia Business Law Review. He was quick to advance when he accepted the position of Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors.

Today, Sam Tabar practices good strategy according to Bloomberg’s article.  Recently Tabar invested in a startup called  THINX, which sells products for women in Africa and America. THINX  started out with a Kickstarter campaign,which earned the company $65,000. This started when mutual friends introduced Tabar , almost a year ago, to Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal who founded THINX.

Sam Tabar is always happy to share advice on investing wisely, for example PR News Wire covered an article on Tabar’s perspective on commodity trading. Commodity trading is better for someone with a lot of experience in investments instead of someone who is just starting out. Experienced investors have a financial cushion behind them in case of investment loss. Mr. Tabar believes that people starting out in investing would be wise to invest in private industries. Investing in startups are an excellent way to help others grow their business and make money at the same time.

Taylor Swift Tweets A New Fellow Artist

We all know that Taylor Swift can make the dreams of fans such as Sergio Cortes  become a reality but we didn’t know is that Tay does the same for her fellow artists. In the beginning of this week, Taylor Swift, the singer of her new single, “Style”, posted on Twitter that she was driving around listening to the new country singer, Kelsea Ballerini. She said that she was listening to it on repeat and she loves it.

Now, Taylor Swift fans may not even know who Kelsea Ballerini is but just know that Taylor Swift loves her music so check her out! Kelsea is a brand new country singer who recently released, “Love Me Like You Mean It”. Taylor Swift likes it so much that she constantly plays the song on repeat. What do you think about that Kelsea? She just got recognized by one of the biggest pop stars in the world! Well, we found out that Kelsea thinks that was pretty awesome. When Kelsea first saw the tweet, she completely thought that it was a fake account, not the real Taylor Swift. She thought there was no way that Tay knows who she is but she was definitely wrong. She didn’t even know what to do. The phone was ringing off the hook after this and Kelsea just sat there looking at the tweet for about five minutes in shock. Well, Taylor Swift inspired Kelsea to make music before she even started so this is a wonderful experience for her!

An American Success Story; Bruce Levenson

The American dream is a hope, a passion for so many. Having the freedom to build a life for oneself through hard work and determination is a foundational principal in being an American. Bruce Levenson is one of those quitessential stories of an individual who has worked and fought his way to the top of his field in the past 30 years.

After highschool Levenson attended law school at American University during the night while beginning his budding journalism career at the Washington Star. Through wits and determination, Bruce was able to accomplish his lawyer based goals while still expanding his daytime career. This was just the first step to paving the way to founding his own business and the initial stop in achieving the American dream.

In 1977 Levenson and a friend began the United Communication Group in his apartment. This privately held company specializes in data expansion in healthcare, mortgage, energy, as well as technology. The continued expansion within the sector has created a successful company that maintain its’ grow within the national economy. He also is a founding member of TechTarget, Inc.

Today Bruce, Karen his wife, and their three sons have taken his original success and continue to grow and expand. They have not forgotten their roots though, and have become strong philanthropists within the community. Levenson has been a strong supporter of the Washington Community Foundation, the I Have A Dream Foundation, as well as a Founding Donor for the Holocaust Museum. The museum is near and dear to the families heart as Levenson’s mother-in-law is a survivor of the brutal Holocaust.

A true American dreamer, who worked with determination and grit to get a foothold in the business world, while still maintaining a strong grasp on his roots. Bruce Levenson is the quintessential American success story.


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