Dr. Jennifer Walden Inspires Young Women Around The World

In central Texas resides a prominent plastic surgeon who is a true leader in the medical field. She embarked on her career after receiving a degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1998. Notably, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, MD, LLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she has expeditiously grown her business in less than three years.

Dr. Walden’s positions at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital and the Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon & Associate, Aston Plastic Surgery provided her with the necessary experience to manage a successful private practice. During her employment at these two facilities, she acquired much medical knowledge and expertise from some of the most internationally-known surgeons in the aesthetic plastic surgery industry. After fine-tuning revolutionary cosmetic surgery techniques, she decided to relocate from New York City to Austin, Texas to establish Jennifer L. Walden, MD, LLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

With growing knowledge in the medical sector, Dr. Walden and her employees envisioned a goal in which they could provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to aesthetic plastic surgery while simultaneously promoting health and well-being. Essentially, the customer service representatives at Jennifer L. Walden, MD, LLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center are skilled in advising clients with procedures related to the face, breast, and body such as tummy tuck, hair restoration, breast reduction, and brow lift. These individualized services are designed to improve a customer’s overall self-esteem by matching outer beauty with inner youth.

Alongside her renowned private practice, Dr. Walden strives to encourage young women to pursue careers in medicine. As an experienced plastic surgeon, she is well-qualified to impart sound advice to inspiring female doctors. She reminds pre-med students that the road to medicine is a marathon and not a sprint. Persistence is the key to success. She also advises young women to have a support system, especially when raising a family. Dr. Walden strongly believes that female doctors will need the assistance from nannies, close family members, and a spouse to maintain a well-organized household.

Autism Rocks Is Making a Difference Through Music

People often find themselves with a desire to make a difference, but with no idea about how to do so. This can happen within almost any cause or issue. But some of the most important examples are centered around medicine. The amount of people who have the specialized knowledge and experience to create and work on medical research projects is often very limited. And even worse, these people often struggle to find finding to do so. This is why charities such as Autism Rocks are so important. They allow people who can’t perform research projects themselves to still help out with important causes. In this case it allows people to help fund autism research while also enjoying some great music.

But to understand Autism Rocks, one must first understand creator Sanjay Shah. Sanjay started out in the business world. And that gave him a lot of contacts with the movers and shakers in quite a few other industries. Through a series of contacts this led to Snoop Dogg visiting his home. It made a huge impact on Sanjay. And he quite correctly assumed that anyone else would be equally moved by having direct interaction with a musical superstar. But this also made him think that the stardom effect might be a great way to make a positive impact on the world.

While Sanjay has an excellent history in the business world, his defining role would probably be as a family man. And one of his children happens to be autistic. According to Crunchbase, this made the subject of the charity a given right from the start. Sanjay knew he had a great chance to help fund autism research. He began putting together a charity where funds could be risen for autism research by creating small private concerts. Sanjay hopes that this will help parents find new ways to connect to their autistic children. He’s also adamant that the point of the charity isn’t to cure autism. He loves his child unconditionally and wouldn’t want to change anything about him. But what he, and other parents in that position, wants to do is find ways to better understand his child. He hopes that his charity can help to build bridges between autistic children and their parents.

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Decades of Business Success

While many entrepreneurs come and go, others sustain their success through a variety of means. A determination to not fail, work harder than the competition, and always be on the lookout for the next innovative idea are just some of the ways the most successful entrepreneurs have one triumph after another. Such has been the case with Brad Reifler, who by having unprecedented success for more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and investor has established a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation.

From his first business venture Reifler Trading Company to his current position as founder and CEO of Forefront Group, Brad has always maintained that it takes patience, perseverance, and innovation to make any company successful. As an entrepreneur for the ages, he has managed to take ordinary ideas and turn them into extraordinary ones. For example, one of his greatest accomplishments occurred while acting as the CEO of Pali Capital, yet another of his successful companies. Over the course of more than 13 years, Brad constantly developed sales strategies and business plans that were considered far ahead of their time. While dismissed by some, Brad’s ideas eventually led to his business earning more than $1 billion in commissions during his tenure, which was considered a number that simply would never be reached. However, by always maintaining a cutting-edge outlook on his business, Brad showed exactly what hard work combined with knowledge and experience can do for an entrepreneur.

Over the years, Brad has not only established and grown numerous businesses, but has also garnered a worldwide reputation for financial expertise. As a result of his business dealings, he regularly meets with many movers and shakers in the business world. For example, one day he may be meeting with Wall Street managers in order to discuss current and future investment trends, while the next day he may be having a discussion on economic theory with Nobel Prize-winning economists. In all of his meetings with others, Brad always makes it a point to be a great listener. Believing this is the best way to learn from others, he has taken this philosophy and used it perhaps better than everyone else of his generation. By listening to others as well as offering his ideas to them, Brad has shown a true willingness to have a give-and-take relationship with his fellow business competitors.

As he continues on his quest to conquer yet another area of business, Brad will be at the forefront of the latest business strategies and innovations. Always looking ahead, Brad feels that once one challenge has been met, others are just ahead. For Brad Reifler, his Wikipedia history shows it’s clear these challenges will be met with continued patience and perseverance.  Also, if you’re interested Brad Reifler’s investment tips should be required reading for anybody interested in the profession.

Slyce’s Approach To Visual Search Shopping Rocks

Different Approaches To Understanding Visual Search

This great, new technology called visual search or AI assisted shopping is a growing trend among consumers and retailers. The companies that develop this technology are giving it their all to look at every possible angle of how this technology can be used properly to bring users closer to the products that they are in search of purchasing. Pinterest has a unique take on the technology where users can actually put a box around something they see in a picture in order to search for the item through Pinterest’s visual search engine. There are a number of different takes on this technology, but I would like to talk some about what Slyce has done in this industry because I just came across their app, and it is amazing.

Slyce redefines online shopping, and they add a whole new, useful layer to visual search technology that produces the results that every consumer wants to see on their screen. Everyone who uses Slyce gets what they want from the experience. I know this because I have talked to other people who have used the application, and they are all thrilled to report that Slyce produces the results for their product in a timely fashion, and the results are almost always what they wanted to find online. Thanks to Slyce, we no longer have to go through the frustrating experience of looking through webpages to try to find the thing that we were looking for online.

Slyce has turned up the dial on their product, and they have certainly made the industry more competitive. They are a company that is worth watching in the future because they have been growing and changing their applications frequently. They have added on several new features to their already stunning application that entice users to use the app to find what they want to purchase. The new feature called Slyce Link is one that shows users other suggestions when their product is out of stock. This also helps retailers sell more products that might not be getting the right attention.

This new technology seems to be one of the greatest advances in online shopping in the past few decades. I found this article from MIT Technology Review, and I would like to share it with anyone who’s interested in learning more about the industry.


The loves for the late pop of star Michael Jackson is the reason behind his many memories. Several people knew Michael Jackson and pop music. Others heard of his flash lifestyle and followed him. Unfortunately, the king of pop died in 2009 in his Los Angels’ mansion.
Michael legacy did not go down with his demise. Several people tried to impersonate him and carry on his memories. Some went to the extent of plastic surgery to imitate the late star. But something like voice is unchangeable. The love for Michel did not go well with his fan upon his death announcement. Among the great fans who loved Michael and liked to be like him is Sergio Cortes. He has the best look alike of Michael Jackson. The voice of the late star and the dancing style are carried on by Sergio Cortes

On the most recent interviews with the greatest impersonator of Michel Jackson, Sergio opened up that the love for Michel grew since childhood. His mother took him to the Jackson 5 group show where he had the chance to meet the famous pop singer. Since then, Sergio started on a career of being like his greatest artist. He currently has a huge follower up in his Face book account most of the followers were the fan of the late pop star.
The career of being Michel Jackson has not been comfortable especially for the distinctive dancing styles and flashy lifestyle. Sergio has grown to outdo all the difficulties and he the best impersonator of Michael Jackson. He once received an invitation during his young age to pose for photos dressed like Michel. It became the booster of his morale as he put on more effort to achieve his dreams
The people who closely associate with Sergio say he is a humble guy. He is very inspiring and to make a big career out of the famous star lifestyle is encouraging. The little time he took to meet Michael when he was young has paid well for Sergio. He has performed in several countries on the tribute to Michel Jackson show. Sergio is 43 years old. He was born is Spain but is catching the American fans of the late star king.
You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.

Source: R7.com

George Soros: My Plan To Resolve The Asylum Chaos

The EU needs to accept the accountability for lacking to formulate a common refugee policy. This lack of a common asylum has seen this year’s growing number of refugees into a political crisis down from a manageable challenge. Every member of the state has ventured into self-focus interests neglecting the interests of the people. This has increased in panic among the refugees the authorities that are responsible for maintaining law and order as well as the general public. The worst hit victims are the asylum seekers.

The European Union needs an immediate, comprehensive plan to help them respond to this crisis, just as they did last year with the Ukrainian crisis. The comprehensive plan must affirm effective governance over the refugees flows. This is to ensure that the comprehensive plan takes place in an orderly, safe way and in a place reflecting the capacity of Europe to absorb them. For the plan to be comprehensive, it has to go beyond the borders of Europe. It will be less expensive and disruptive in maintaining refugees close or in their locality.

Syria being the foundation of the current disaster, the priority must be the Syrian population fate. This should not lead to the forgetting of the migrants and asylum seekers. In addition to that, this comprehensive plan should be followed by a worldwide response that will be led by the United Nations involving every member nations in the world. The burden will be distributed among all the nations and lead to the common global standard for dealing with future problems of the same kind.

The comprehensive plan will have components that must be followed by the European Union. First and foremost, the EU should accept a minimum of one million asylum seekers each and every year. The burden must be shared fairly to realize that component. Financing should be paramount at this time. The funds can be tapped from borrowing from the AAA untapped capacity of Europe.

The EU should lead the world in providing funds to Turkey and Lebanon to the millions of asylum seekers in this regions. Every refugee must be allocated a minimum of 5,000 euros to take care or their essential needs. To calm the panic, the EU should establish safe channels for refugees coming from Italy and Greece. It should mobilize the private sector, churches, NGOs and other bodies to realize this urgency. This Information can be found in MarketWatch.

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of the Open Source Foundations that has projects in more than one hundred nations in the world. He has a strong commitment to an open society where regimes are accountable; human rights are respected, and no one has a monopoly on the truth. This makes the foundation come out stronger and unique than any other philanthropic efforts in History. This Information can be found in OpenSocietyFoundations.

Skout Members Make Personal Links Based On Location

Internet based social media and dating services are often criticized by their users for the lack of knowledge of whether another member is who and where they say they are. In response to this the developers of the Skout app have used location based GPS services to make sure their members are only interacting with those they could possibly one day meet and begin a relationship. Although this app first began life in 2007 as a social media Site, it has developed over the years to become more famous as a dating app used largely by teenagers and young adults who enjoy the anonymous nature of the initial contact being made.

Skout is now one of the best loved social media and dating apps in the world, largely because it has developing new features and options for its users since it was established. The popular shake option is one of the most famous and popular options included in the service; members have the option to simply shake their phone to be connected with a random user in their area to be connected with. Added to this has been the growth of the app as a popular option for teenagers to enjoy. After a large number of teens began using the app the developers looked to create a dedicated area of the app for young people designed to protect their safety by barring older people from interacting over this portion of the service.

Alongside the many updates and services added to the Skout app is a premium travel option that allows the use of the location based services as the individual moves on their vacation. By using this area of the app the traveler has the opportunity to make new friends in the local population and take advice on the best attractions to visit. Other options for those using Skout Travel include making contact with fellow travelers with whom new experiences and locations can be shared.

Choosing Beneful Dog Food For Your Pet

Choosing Beneful at beneful.com dog food for your pet is all about finding the formula that best matches your pets specific dietary needs. All dogs require different nutrition at different stages of their lives, and it is up to us to choose the food that is able to meet those needs. The food that you choose for your pet should provide them with all their dietary and nutrition needs, be filling, and avoid giving them fillers and unnecessary amounts of food. To help you choose the best food for your dog, these are some things you should select for and look for in the best choice of dog food.

Choose for your dog’s stage in life, because at every point in their life their dietary needs are going to be different. Puppies, adults, and senior dogs will all need food that has differing levels of nutrients, and that is composed in different ways as well. Dog food brands like Beneful at facebook.com will create several different formulas that each work for your dog’s specific needs in different ways no matter what age they are.

The type of food you decide to go with for your dog is also important, whether it is wet food, dry food, or a combination of the two. Most brands create both types, and for all stages of a dog’s life as well so that you are able to feed them well. When you first start choosing a type of dog food Beneful, it is important to pay attention to the type of food that your pet prefers. Some have no issues with dry dog food, but are then unable to eat it later in life when they are senior dogs, and need to switch to wet dog food.

It is important that you pay attention to the ingredients in the dog food that you are purchasing when you choose. You want a food like Beneful that is healthy and can provide your pet with everything they need daily, in just a single serving. All food is labeled with the ingredients and amount per serving, so use this as a guide to picking the best option for your pet. No matter their age, there should be a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates that they can break down, fiber, and even healthy fats that all dogs need in order to retain muscle mass. Again, the amounts of each of these will differ according to the stage of your pet so you should always look for what your pet needs at their current stage in life.

Beneful dog food is a great brand of food that pet owners and their caregivers have trusted for years. Not only do they include a balanced dietary product, but they are very focused on creating different formulas for all types of dogs. One of the first things you will notice is that all the nutrition and ingredients of this brand are clearly labeled, listed, and they meet the required standards that have been set for dog food by the AAFCO.

When One Has A Bad Online Reputation They Need To Change It

It is always a good idea for people to be careful about what is being said about them online, and one of the things that they should do to make sure they don’t have a bad name for themselves online is to Google themselves. By searching for their name on a logged out browser they’ll be able to see just what everyone else sees when they search for them. The results might scare them, but if so, then it will just mean that it is time for them to get active and start cleaning up the things that have been said about them online. They’ll have to work hard to create new, good content, and they’ll have to watch what is being said about them from then on. It’s not always easy to keep a good image online, but the effort is always worth it.
Status Labs is a company that understands the hurt that a bad online reputation can cause, and it is a company that is there for those who feel that their online reputation is anything but good. The company knows how to work through things well and how to get things cleaned up. When one feels that their online image is less than perfect, they should go to this company to help make things better.
Status Labs understands that most people do not have a clear grasp on what they should be doing when it comes to the internet and their online reputation, and that is why it is there for them. The company is eager to help all of those who have no idea how to keep themselves safe and clean online. The company will do things in a right and good way, and it will keep everyone from getting harmed by the things said about them online.

Gold, Silver, And Platinum US Coins From US Money Reserve Growing In Demand

Since the company was founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has risen to the top of the precious metals industry here in the US. As a leading supplier of US minted gold, silver, and platinum coins, US Money Reserve is now one of the most trusted names in the industry today. Specializing in US precious metals coins alone allows the team at US Money Reserve to provide a steady supply of the highest quality coin products available. There are a few reasons for the success of this company which include an extremely effective plan for success from the first day of operations.

Founded by a group of precious metals market experts, these market veterans wanted to put their years of experience and expertise in precious metals into a business. The founders strove to maintain the highest quality standards available with each of the coins that were sold. Also, they always strove to hire the most friendly and knowledgeable staff to help clients with their purchases. With US Money reserve, each client has the option to work with a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional team member to tailor and design their own particular investment strategy according to their individual portfolio needs.

With the value gold and other precious metals having shown an increased demand over recent years, now is the time to invest. Precious metals are in demand by industries, the technology sector, investors, collectors, and in jewelry. People everywhere want to obtain precious metals because of their inherent value and worth.

With over 100,000 clients who have already made a profit from their US precious metal coins investments at US Money Reserve, people have been highly satisfied with the service that they have received with this company. Many investors have continued to show steady gains over the past few years. Also, many investors desire to maintain and expand the precious metals component of their portfolios, this is why many of our clients turn out to be repeat customers.

Investing in precious metals is one of the most reliable ways to protect and grow your capital. Precious metals have always had inherent value, and as the demand for these materials increases, undoubtedly so will their worth. Now is an opportune time to get into this type of investment to secure, protect and increase your wealth for many years to come.

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