Sergio Cortes Is Far And Away The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

Sadly, Michael Jackson, one of the greatest entertainers of all time, is dead. This has been difficult for millions of his fans to accept. Fortunately people who love and miss the king of pop and would like to see him perform one more time have a viable option. Sergio Cortes. Cortes is the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world today. Seeing him perform is the next best thing to seeing Michael Jackson himself. Cortes looks, moves, and sounds like Michael Jackson. Plus he has an innate understanding of how to get the crowd stirred up. Simply put, Sergio Cortes is a star.

Performing in front of large crowds of Michael Jackson fans is nothing new for Cortes. Large crowds of people have long been flocking around Cortes to watch him mimic Michael. Sergio Cortes has looked like Michael Jackson his entire life. Plus he has been mimicking Michael’s moves ever since he learned to walk. In Barcelona, Spain where Cortes was born and raised, he has been a celebrity ever since he was a pre-teen because of his ability to impersonate Michael Jackson. People came from all over Spain to see him dance. As an adult he is a master of his craft.

There are a number of things that make Sergio Cortes the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. First, he just naturally looks like Michael. His facial features, his hair, and his body type look exactly like Michael’s. Secondly, Sergio Cortes can really dance. He has been practicing Michael’s dance moves for so long they are now like second nature to him. What Cortes has that no other impersonator can match is the ability to mimic Michael’s mannerism. After decades of practice Cortes stands, walks, and moves just like Michael. It’s something he has practiced since childhood.

Sergio Cortes’ innate understanding of what it takes to engage and entertain a crowd is another thing he has developed because he has been entertaining people for so long. Like Michael Jackson, Cortes was a child star. All those years performing in front of crowds has taught him many things. He uses all of those things when he takes the stage as Michael Jackson. All these things put him head and shoulders above all other Michael Jackson impersonators. If you want to see the next best thing to Michael Jackson, see the impersonator that Michael Jackson himself once hired. Sergio Cortes.

Lime Crime: Doe Deere’s Innovative Brand

Building innovative brands represents a complete dive into creators’ imagination in order to give people new products that will be more impressive and different from the previous products. Innovators should always have the ability of making what they do look attractive and unusual. This is one of the qualities Doe Deere has as a creative founder of unusual and colorful cosmetics brand called Lime Crime.
Doe Deere’s Inspiration
Doe Deere found her inspiration is her childhood love for mermaids and other mythical creatures. She was different from everybody else, and thus she wanted her brand to be different as well. The perfect makeup for her is the one that can keep pace with her imaginative personality. With crazy and vibrant colors, she managed to do this, thus becoming one of the most controversial artists.
Furthermore, she found inspiration for her shades in her grandmother. Miss Deere was impressed with her grandmother’s bright orange lipstick, and she made a similar shade called ‘ My Beautiful Rocket’.
What Is This Brand About ?
Lime Crime differentiates a lot from other cosmetics brands due to its vivid and bright colors that make this brand so special and unique. Its focus is on finding the lightest tones that can be equally funny and amazing. It comes in many different colors of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes. For instance, there is not just one shade of pink, or green. There is a variety of shades for different skin types. Its lipsticks are opaque and pigmented, and they will make everyone turn their head to see girls who are wearing these lipsticks. Eye shadows are also an important part of Lime Crime cosmetics company. Its blazing colors always make an amazing contrast to the normal and traditional makeup style. So, this brand has been truly committed to bringing new and innovative solutions to makeup industry.

Lime Crime : A Brand For Special Girls

The brand, together with its name, is a bit outlandish. This is one of the reasons it is so appealing and popular. It is not for traditional girls who prefer natural and ordinary look. Many of them are afraid of lively and bright colors, and thus they stick to traditional natural tones. The girls who can be associated with this brand are different form everybody else. They are not afraid of experimenting and trying different colors. These girls are curious and imaginative, and thus Lime Crime is perfect for them, and for all those who are ready to live unapologetically.

Lime Crime’s Biggest Success Story
Since 2004, Lime Crime has enjoyed much success due to its innovative ideas and products that have fully expressed Miss Deere’s ideas and imagination. When thinking about the company’s success, one should mention the Velvetines lipsticks, since they are truly different from everything people have seen in this industry. The lipsticks represent the first ‘ liquid to matte’ lipsticks in this industry, which makes Lime Crime even more successful. It is aimed at achieving different effects without crumbling. Furthermore, lipsticks do not change its vibrant color , and it has received the highest honor by being described as ‘cruelty free’ by The Leaping Bunny Organization.
To conclude, those who have never tried something different now should head at Lime Crime stores and see what they are missing. With such variety of different colors at their disposal, they will never want to try something else.

A Lacrosse Camp Helps a Youngster’s Future

Lacrosse camps are great for developing a high level of skill in the sport. Young ones who have a love for the game can spend their summers enjoying their favorite activity while meeting new friends. Adults who enroll their children in lacrosse are providing a number of valuable benefits for the future. One benefit, a benefit not to be overlooked, would be the fact a college scholarship may be achievable thanks to athletic excellence.

The tuition for college is enormous and the costs are not going to drop down any time soon. $50,000 per year is a possibility depending upon the particular school the young man or woman attends. A sports scholarship could greatly aid in cutting down on those fees. A full athletic scholarship greatly opens up more opportunities for attending school. A full scholarship – while preferable – may not be achievable. A partial scholarship remains a possibility. Anything that cuts down on the cost of attending school is definitely going to be appreciated.

A lacrosse camp could make this possible. An athlete has to possess a high level of skill in order to be seriously considered for a scholarship. Great coaching and extensive practice helps develop the sought after skill. Attending a top lacrosse training event is one way to further the necessary enhancement of those skills.

Actually, more than just sports-related skills are gained through these camps. Athletics are known for helping to build character, work as part of a team, and learn communications skills. These talents are helpful in all areas of life.

The Next Level Lacrosse Camp holds events in Colorado and they are among the top training sessions attendees could ever hope to be a part of. Jon Urbana runs the camps and he is a top coach with much to learn from. Players from the Denver Outlaws lend their support and participation to make training incredibly memorable.

Lacrosse is a fantastic sport that is growing in popularity. Youngsters certainly would find attending camps involving lacrosse instruction to be a lot of fun. Little to they know, an investment in their future is being made on the field as well.

Ken Griffin Has Always Worked Hard In His Career

Ken Griffin had a lot of success in his career because of the talent that he had since he was young, and the education that he was able to receive from Harvard College was able to help him out a lot, as well. He realized that he should learn all that he could while he was young, so that he could one day become great at all of the things that he planned to do. So, while he may have had talent to begin with, and while he may have started off in his career while still attending college, Ken Griffin’s education has really helped him to do well in all of the challenges that he has taken on.

Ken Griffin appreciated Harvard College for all that it did for him, and he was happy to be able to give back to it recently. He gave a large donation to the college because he felt grateful for all of the ways that it had helped him out. He hoped that his donation would be able to help others to get the kind of education that he had been able to receive. He hoped that by donating to the college he would be able to show his gratitude to it for all that it had done for him.

The college was very grateful for what he had done, and it decided to rename its financial aid office in honor of him. Ken Griffin did a good thing by donating a large sum of money to the college, and he has been recognized for doing that.

Ken Griffin is a man who was smart since he was young. He’s a man who has put his all into getting a good education, and into having a good career, and he is a man who has seen a ton of success because of that. Everyone who wants to have as much success as he has had just needs to look up to him and try to imitate him. They need to realize the importance of a good education, and they need to use their talents to the best of their ability. As long as they can do that there is no reason that they shouldn’t be able to do at least partly as good as

Ken Griffin has done in his career. They just need to keep in mind that he’s a man who has worked hard toward his career, from his beginnings at Harvard College all the way until now.

Tips of Dating In Russia

The aim of any young woman in Russia is to find a man, engage in a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage. That has been so for decades now and has not changed to date. It explains why casual dating is very rare in Russia.
More often, you will spot a young, man and woman on a date wearing a suit and dress as opposed to casual outfits likes jeans and t-shirts. Russian women and men frequent restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, with the aim of finding partners, who will be potential marriage mates.
It is, therefore, important to be conversant with some of the dating rules in Russia. Some of the tips include:
• Research and Learn
Do a research about Russian culture. There are different norms and values in Russia that are very important. Learn them so that you do not offend your date by showing unacceptable gestures.
• Gifts And Flowers
In Russia, buying a woman gifts and flowers is considered a good gesture. Red flowers are ideal as they portray love. Ensure you buy an odd number because an even number if given at funerals. One long-stemmed rose is perfect.
• Act like a Gentleman
Always be a man with courtesy and be considerate. Show her kind gestures like opening doors for her and pulling chairs.
Russian admirers act very romantically. Men portray kind gestures like helping the woman into her coat, sorting the bill at the restaurant, and not allowing her to carry anything heavier than a purse.
• Planning The Date
Do not expect the woman to arrange for the date. In Russia, the man plans and surprises the woman. A girl’s part is to look pretty. She will invest in a good manicure and makeup to look presentable to you.
• Dressing
In Russia, the mode of dressing when going out on a date is very valued. Men wear suits while women wear dresses, high heels, and make-up.
• Conversations
Men tend to act manly by talking about their businesses, jobs, hobbies like hunting, shooting, and fishing. They also find a way to show their wealth by talking about their cars and houses. The woman, on the other hand, will talk about her girly hobbies such as cooking.
Typically, in Russia, there are no rules regarding how long a couple should date before getting married. The couple can proceed to marriage quickly or date for a longer time, and both will be considered normal.
If you are looking for an ideal partner, you can sign up on AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate is a website for online dating that was founded by a Russian-American couple. It connects women from Eastern Europe to men in North America.

James Dondero and the Liquid Alternative Diet

When most Americans hear the term “liquid alternatives” they probably think of weight loss diets. But this phrase could be an important part of your retirement investment strategy.

Liquid alternative investments have given investors an important option in finding effective ways to help stabilize their portfolios over the last several years. Although they’ve been around in the U.S. since in 1990’s, these investment products began gaining popularity in the post-2008 financial crisis. And, according to Morningstar, an independent investment research firm based in Chicago, twice the amount of investment dollars flowed into alternative mutual funds in 2013 as did into all U.S. taxable bond funds combined.

Even more recently, the highly successful investment firm of Highland Capital Management headquartered in Dallas, announced the creation of Highland Alternative Investors in March of this year. Although the company has been offering its investors access to liquid alternative solutions for over a decade, the newly launched division highlights the importance and growth of this unique category of investment strategies.

“Consolidating our liquid alternative strategies within a robust, unified platform allows us to develop products in a timely and thoughtful manner to meet investor needs,” said James Dondero, co-founder and president of the company.

Mr. Dondero’s tenure at Highland Capital has seen the company grow to managing approximately $21 billion in assets since its start in 1993. One of his key responsibilities at the firm is the development and execution of strategic investment and operational initiatives. Ironically, Mr. Dondero’s expertise in high yield and distressed investments allowed him see the value of these more liquid alternatives and helped him to guide the company’s efforts in this important arena.

When thinking of liquidity in investments, you’re looking for products that provide opportunities for relative quick conversions to cash in a crisis. The opposite would be something like real estate holdings. An example of a less liquid distressed investment would be sitting on government bonds from the City of Detroit.

Well-designed liquid alternatives give investors a way to better navigate anticipated upheavals in financial markets, even challenging the traditional 60/40 split of stocks-to-bonds ratio advice. With the current ambiguity in interest rate management by the Federal Reserve, the risks on the horizon can’t be ignored.

Mr. Dondero noted that the Fed’s most recent announcement reiterating its intent to raise key rates by the end of the year, also revealed a position for those rates staying lower longer than previously expected. While this has pushed many investors to reconsider bonds as a stronger tool for now, Mr. Dondero on twitter warned, “This move from stocks and into bonds however, echoes the general ‘risk-off’ tone to the markets we have been discussing for several weeks.”

So, what’s an average investor worried about retirement savings to do? Contact your portfolio manager and ask about liquid alternatives. If he or she starts telling you about the newest diet fad, find an alternative manager.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: sources for the above article come from the list of Internet links provided in the briefing, plus a visit to Wikipedia for an explanation of liquid alternatives.

John Textor: A Leader In Visual Effects

Ever watched a movie where the special effects are so awesome that everyone in the theatre feels like they are part of the show? Whether it is an action packed movie, fantasy film, or comedy with pirates…they all have special effects and all are the brainchild of a special person or group of people with imagination, talent, and skill.

One such person is John Textor. Textor is known for his creativity and inventiveness. Formerly having worked as Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, Textor worked to reorganize them along with their parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, as a major competitor in visual effects. With Textor at the helm, they were involved in the visual effects of 25 feature films that are still being watched today. Movies like Tron: Legacy and Transformers…to name just a couple, that will forever be popular and watched by millions. Under Textor’s tutelage, Digital won several Academy Awards and Clio Advertising Awards. They were honored with the 2009 Academy Award for Achievement for being the first visual effects company to promote a digital human actor. The name of this movie is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Textor worked for Digital from May 2006 to August 2012, and during this period of time Textor was responsible for helping promote the digital images of Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur. No small feat for such prominent,famous, and well-loved men.

And then you have “The Michael Jackson”, on stage, performing, dancing, and singing at the Billboard’s Music Awards back in 2014. Textor, now at Pulse Evolution Corporation, has once again gone beyond the imagination in bringing Michael back to life, however fleetingly. The crowd loved it and were up on their feet engaging in the visual effects as if Michael Jackson were really there in person entertaining them.

Present day, Textor is continuing to broaden his horizons. He is consistently researching and developing the entertainment industry on many different levels. He has become involved in animated feature films like Art Story with Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams, both Disney veteran filmmakers.

John Textor will definitely be one of the names that will be put in the history books of visual effects, animation, and digital images for all time. His scope and view of the development of “anything is possible” is at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Purina Shows Its Love For Pets In Many Ways

Purina Petcare believes in pets and how much it can help those who own them. The company on Purina news also believes that it is important that every pet owner treats their pets right, as well. And one thing that the company feels that every pet owner should make sure to do right is in being careful about the kind of food that they are feeding to their pets. Purina Petcare believes in the power of good nutrition, and those who know the brand well know that it is all about that. It is all about making good choices for the sake of every pet’s health.

Many people love their pets and their place in their lives. Many people are happy to have them in their homes, and many people have fallen in love with their pets right away. Purina Petcare showcases some of that love in a few of the ads that it has put on TV, such as one ad that features a man and the new puppy that he has adopted, and how he will do anything for it, and many people have come to love and trust Purina Petcare because of the way that the company makes sure to always show its love for pets.

So, when people are trying to do what is right and best for their pets they’re going to have to remember Purina Petcare. They’re going to have to remember this company and the things that it cares about. They’ll have to realize that there is no other company out there that treats pets quite as well as this one does, and they will have to realize that that should show them something. They’ll want to remember to always go with a company that cares, so that their pets can be receiving as good of care as they possibly can be.

Find Your Perfect Face With Makeup

For many women putting on makeup every day is a part of their daily regiment to get ready. Make up has a wonderful way of making a woman feel great about herself. When make up is correctly applied it can totally change the way that a person looks. Even though make up cannot make a person beautiful, it definitely can enhance a person’s beauty and that is why many women all around the world choose to wear makeup. In reality it is up to each and every individual the amount of make up that they are going to choose to wear. The great thing about makeup is that it comes in different colors and in different shades and in that way a person is not stuck to just one look, but they can change their look from time to time if they would like to.

Over the ages makeup has definitely changed. In the 40s and 50s makeup was definitely more classic and it was very common to see a woman with sleek make up and with very bright red lips. As the 80s came by women decided to decorate their eyes more, and they would have bright and colorful eye shadows, and blush on their high cheeks. A lot of women chose to wear pinkish lipsticks that were shiny. With the 90s and on women have moved more towards a natural look. This is a look that enhances their natural beauty while maintaining a face that is clear and clean.

For some woman is not easy to learn how to apply makeup, they may not have been raised around someone that wore make up or that thought that makeup application was important. It may also be that they just do not know how to make their make up work for them. For such women it is great to know that there are things like Pinterest and YouTube. The woman who is interested in learning how to do her face can go on any of these sites and learn about the amazing ways that they can make their face look great.

Doe Deere of is a very well-known female entrepreneur. She created the make up brand called Lime Crime. Many women around the world love Lime Crime make up brand, because it is made to give a woman a bright colorful face, and the makeup is fun and lively. Lime Crime make up is completely and totally cruelty free. It comes in hundreds of different shades and colors, and many women have made Lime Crime make up their make up of choice for their make up regimen. Doe Deere is native to Russia, she moved here and when she was younger she always loved makeup. She did make up as a hobby, and following the advice of other female entrepreneurs she decided to make her hobby into her passion. Now Lime Crime make up is a very popular make up brand, and Doe Deere continues to come out with great new colors for every face.

Facts You Should Know About Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is a man not new to the corridors of justice in the Republic of South Africa. Frans Schoeman is an experienced lawyer who has a firm belief that every solution needs a level of ingredience so as to work best. He is a partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys and together with his partner, they have a combined thirty five years of experience with his being twenty-one. The law firm prides itself as being among the few in the republic to have the experience and ability to handle each case with finesse.

Frans Schoeman on newsvine is a director of a law firm that is proud to be associated with different commercial businesses that are well endowed with a solid base that consists of limited and unlimited companies that are national and international as well. His law firm is also proud to be associated with many successful results that involve multi-million rand law suits with the highest being an arbitration award that exceeded R12O million. Frans and all his law firm employees and director subscribe to the bigger is not necessarily better school of thought. They are also staunch believers that all cases need to be given equal attention and precision regardless of whether they are for big clients or otherwise.

The firm’s largest professional commitment remains service and it is precisely the reason that they ensure that all professional mandates to their areas of expertise are adequately addressed so as to encourage and foster better engagements with their clients. The firm is not confined to offering service to only a few areas of practice. Among the areas the firm deals in include administrative law, labor law, municipal law, environmental law, intellectual property, debt recovery, corporate due diligence, insolvency, family law, medical law and others.

Frans has an undying passion for philanthropic matters related politics, science and technology, education, environment, human rights, children as well as arts and culture. He is a graduate of the University of Free State in 1990 with a Bachelors in Law degree. In the firm, he is in charge of overseeing the due diligence, constructing all complicated legal mergers, drafting and negotiating contract procurement issues as well as offering general law advice.

Frans belongs to the creme de la creme of the South African legal industry. His trademark no-nonsense attitude on the courtrooms has been evident since the time he started practicing. He is also well known among his peers as someone who has an eye for detail. Throughout his career, he has exhibited high levels of professionalism and honesty towards his clients and its no wonder his services are still in high demand even after being in practice for over twenty one years.

He can easily be used as an exemplary example to young law students as a lawyer who has a signature case winning style that is made possible by his hard work and brilliance. With Frans in practice, South African clients can rest assured that all their legal needs will be meticulously and professionally tended to at all times.

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