Buying Beneful Incredibites at Walmart

Beneful’s Incredibites line is geared towards smaller dogs that don’t have the need for the amount of calories that bigger dogs need from their dog food. Incredibites provides for a balanced meal for smaller dogs that is designed by Beneful’s scientists and food engineers for an effective diet for small dogs.

Walmart is a great place to pick up Incredibites dog food. They have an extensive line of different flavors of it and carry the product at affordable prices. From their website, you can buy a 15lb bag of Incredibites Beneful at Walmart for less than $15, meaning you get a lb of dog food for less than a dollar. Since your dog is small it is unlikely that you will need to replenish this bag very often and will have a nutritious meal for your dog available at any time.

It is important to have your small dog fed a dog food that is right for their size. Beneful Incredibites is a great option for dog owners and Walmart is a great place to buy it.


Felipe Montoro Jens’ Role in the Brazilian Business

Privatizations became accepted economic reform platforms in Brazil in 1990 after the National Privatization Program started as proposed by the government. According to the explanation of Felipe Montoro Jens; the treasurer, chief financial officer, and controller of the finance division in Brazil, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, the privatization process included aeronautical, steel, and petrochemical industries. The government passed the Concession Law in 1995 that established some industries as priority privatizations. These industries included sanitation, telecommunications, banking, transportation, and electricity corporations. Before private capitalization, the regulatory agency organization was important to Brazil’s ultimate success. The General Concession Plan was developed in 2008, and in 2011, the government started a plan to globalize its Fixed Telephone Service.

Filipe Montoro Jens sits on the Board of Directors at San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, Dealers Administrative Center, and Source New Business e Participacoes SA. He served as chief officer of a worldwide organization originating from Brazil with a broad range of business activities covering 25 countries. Jens worked in the organization as a controller, treasurer, and planner under corporate and project finance divisions in Brazil, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. He has also served on the board of directors of different companies dealing with various products including infrastructure, ethanol, sugar, water, sewage, gas, oil, technology, defense, and renewable energy production. Additionally, he has worked for infrastructure concessions in Brazil.

Earlier, Jens served in the structured finance and project development area of Terna S.P.A. He also worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the consulting and auditing divisions and at Enron in the international structured finance division. Moreover, he has ever served as the director of Braskem S.A. Jens holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fundao Getlio Vargas and a Masters degree in International Management from Thunderbird, the American Garvin School of International Management, USA.

Richard Smith: The Chief Executive Officer Securus Technologies

Richard Smith is the CEO at the renowned Securus Technologies. The company is among the top technologies that are used to protect the community today. Securus has specialized at solving both civil and criminal justice technologies. Recently, Rick Smith postulated that Securus Technologies is important in aiding law enforcement and solving crimes at ground level to prevent them from becoming much bigger problems. He also acknowledges the fact that several clients have sent emails, letters, and other posted in the social media accounts showing appreciation and gratitude to the company for their sustainability and steady services supply. The objective of Securus Technologies that benefited most of its clients was protecting the society as a whole be it the families or inmates. Making sure that the company’s DNA Is safe is equally pivotal in protecting the community.

Securus Technology is a prison technology company. To make it simpler, Rick Smith, the head of the firm has the primary objective of preventing crime both in the free world and in prison among the inmates. Before coming to Securus, Rick was part of Eschelon Tech Inc. While in Eschelon, he served in different roles. The most important of them all was being the president of the firm which he was appointed in 2000. He served in this post for three years before being appointed to a more senior role of Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his illustrious career, Rick Smith has served in diverse positions such as Chief Executive Officer, controller, Chief Information officer, and president.In 2008, Rick was appointed to the board of Securus. Gradually, Rick ascended from post to post till he reached the premium position. In 2009, the board chose Rick to be the Chairman of the institution. Solid academic background motivated Rick’s ascent.

Rick boasted an associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He later progressed to attain his master’s degree from the reputable State University of New York located at Brockport. These are just but a sample of the degrees held by Rick Smith.Rick Smith has a committed team of employees at Securus Technologies who have both high intellectual capacity and unlimited experience in the technology field. Rick together with his staff of employees is dedicated to taking the performance of prison activities especially security camera footage to the next level. Also, the technology in Securus also enables all the inmates to stay in touch with their relatives and trending information across outside in the free world. Though in some cases, such technology has proved hazardous in the prison department as it has been key to the escape of criminals, Securus has put in secondary measures to curb such situations.

 Ricardo Tosto Redefines Legal Practice in Brazil

Brazil is famous for its strict legal system. What is more, becoming a lawyer requires patience as it involves many years of study. With attorneys assuming the better part of Brazil’s economy, it is factual that the duties of an attorney in Brazil encompass commitment as well as passion. That is why in Brazil, lawyers are highly regarded for their input. To become an attorney in this country, an individual must spend approximately five years in the university. It is projected that approximately 33% of Brazilians are lawyers with most of practicing in Sao Paulo.


The history of Brazilian law roots from different legal systems. For an individual to qualify as a lawyer, there is the Ordem dos Advogados that must be passed in the bar examination. The first constitution in Brazil was embraced in 1988. The same constitution derives its clauses from French, Italy as well as Portuguese. In Brazil, legal assistance can be found online. When discussing the legal system in Brazil, one name always comes up. Ricardo Tosto never ceases to amaze the world with his input in this country. He has set a competitive pace for the youth. A highly regarded lawyer who majors in critical issues, Ricardo Tosto is a role model in many ways.


Ricardo Tosto is a noticeable figure as a legal counselor. He administers his skills in remarkable sectors. Through proper execution, Ricardo Tosto has won the hearts of many clients. He is an honorary member of the Brazilian legal industry and has been building the economy through his practice. As a highly valued prosecutor, Ricardo Tosto majors in banking contracts, organization restructuring, and reorganization, bankruptcy as well as election law. Ricardo understands the needs of his clients even before a case is filed. Being a Brazilian, he is well versed with the nature of cases most clients present. He crafts the cases using his experience in the market. That is how he has been able shape the legal system in Brazil. As a humble man whose project began from a boutique office, Ricardo is on the right track. Having worked as a legal advisor, manager and human resource facilitator at the prestigious Grupo Rede, Ricardo is a role model.


Clay Siegall revolutionized the treatment of non-Hodkin’s lymphoma

Throughout the last 50 years, many types of cancer have seen scant improvement in their mortality rates. This has largely been due to the majority of benefits in cancer treatment coming from the advent of chemotherapy, radiation and surgical techniques developed throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s. Unfortunately, this has left many patients with cancer such as pancreatic cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the undesirable circumstance of having a disease that has not given any cause for hope in more than 50 years.

But one company, Seattle Genetics, led by its dynamic highly renowned CEO, Clay Siegall, has decided to tackle the problem of cancer types that have not seen major improvements in mortality. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998, when Dr. Siegall decided to leave his prior job as a senior researcher at pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. This momentous decision would eventually lead to one of the most important biotech firms in America today being formed.

But the going was not always easy. For the first three years, Dr. Clay Siegall struggle to build the company into a viable biotech firm, quickly going through the firm’s venture capital and nearly running into insolvency. But in 2001, Dr. Siegall oversaw the initial public offering of Seattle Genetics, raising over $1 billion, one of the largest IPOs in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the next 10 years, Dr. Siegall led his firm to focus on cancer types that had not seen serious improvements in mortality over the past 30 to 40 years. One of these cancer types was non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system that is not as deadly as some cancers but that kills a large number of people every year due to the sheer number of cases. Dr. Siegall decided to target this cancer using the highly innovative new form of cancer therapy called antibody drug conjugates. These are drugs that use human antibodies to deliver a lethal cytotoxin directly to the site of the tumor, avoiding the systemic release of chemotherapeutic agents into the bloodstream.


Today, antibody drug conjugates are a mainstay in the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Stay-At-Home Business For Mothers To Thrive – Traveling Vineyard

With the growth of online-based job opportunities, people are starting to rely on stay-at-home income more than ever. Focusing on a particular demographic made out of mothers who work from home, one can see dozens of creative ways that these women are able to make a living. This is because companies are coming up with ways to employ those who have the extra time, but not “9-5” type of free time. Traveling Vineyard probably has the most dominant business model within the work-from-home industry.

Business Model Broken Down

The company is a wine business where high-quality wine products are sold in the market by stay-at-home employees, mostly moms. It is a commission-based income, meaning that the revenue one obtains is solely dependant on their sales for the period. People can expect anywhere from 15-35% in commissions, which are contingent on the sales volume. The official name for these independent contractors is Wine Guides, and they average over $400 per wine tasting event. The company was founded in 2001, and they have more than 5,000 spread across 40 states as of 2017.

Who Can Benefit?

Generally, anyone who has the time and networking skills can benefit from this business model. It is based on interacting with people and organizing wine-tasting events. Mothers are the usual contractors, due to being less time constricted and more involved with the community.

How To Begin?

In order to begin the sole proprietorship endeavor, the prospective contractor will pay a $189 fee. This will get them a complete “Success Kit” with two tasting sets and a total of ten tasting wine bottles. Generally, that should cover two tasting events. Also, one will get their own website that will be free-of-charge for the next three months, at which point it is $15.95 per month. Furthermore, the same fee will give the buyer access to all training and educational materials online. Thus, one does not need to be wine expert to succeed.

Getting a Return On One’s Investment

After reviewing all the materials that the company has sent, new wine guides will organize at-home wine tasting events where they can invite whoever they want. Here, people will purchase the wine thus generating entrepreneur moms commission profits. There are no minimum monthly sales contingencies that one has to meet.

The Company

Traveling Vineyard is based in Massachusets and current leader of the company is Richard Libby. Since he started working with the business in 2010, major growth has occurred helping the company thrive in this niche market. To facilitate employee satisfaction, the company often organizes social events and conferences. Here, people can benefit from continued education and lectures on selling strategies.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media:

Todd Lubar’s Amazing Passion for Helping Other People

Todd Lubar has been in the Real Estate industry for quite some years now from 1995. Todd holds the President position of TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior Vice President Post of Legendary Investments. His more than 20 years’ experience has improved Todd’s skills, and currently, he advises other people who dream of owning a home. Todd is also a skilled entrepreneur and businessman. He has been recognized and ranked in the list of the top 25 mortgage architects in the country. Todd has been on the list for several years now. Lubar finds joy when he can help other people become successful in achieving their dreams. Todd’s education is another added advantage in the company. He holds a B.A in speech and communication which he got from Syracuse University.

In a recent interview, Todd explained that the idea for starting the TDL Global Ventures was to help people mainly. He realized that most people face obstacles when they are in need of financial aid especially when borrowing loans. To solve the problem, Todd brought an innovative program that allowed customers gain what they want. Todd also gave an insight to how he starts his day in the morning with a cup of coffee together with his kids. To make his day more productive, prioritizing is the best way to maximize the results. Todd also values knowledge because he can make appropriate decisions. Todd Lubar had an interesting thing to say when asked about his worst job and that was the fact that he worked for almost one year at a grocery store.

The acquired work ethics was incredible, but the whole business was not his thing. The experience he gained helps him push ideas to become successful. Todd believes in working extra hard to become progressive as an entrepreneur. Mr. Lubar has worked for other firms such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he held high positions. He also steered Maryland Legacy Financial office to rise and become a production unit. Todd served as a Senior Vice President with the Charter Funding, whose primary goal was to help the less fortunate in the society. Check out Todd’s full profile on

Dr Mark McKenna Has Given Back To The Community Of New Orleans And Become Successful In Real Estate

Dr. Mark McKenna has been licensed by both the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. Once his training had been successfully completed he began practicing medicine with his father and launched a firm for real estate development called McKenna Venture Investments. As time passed he launched numerous companies offering a variety of services including real estate closing services, finance, and turnkey design-build.

After New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna lost a large portion of his business interests. He redeveloped low to moderate income housing to help rebuild the city. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and began a business called ShapeMed which was a medical based practice. Life Time Fitness purchased the business in 2014 and he remained with the company until 2016. This was when he founded OVME and specialized in the reinvention of elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his wife Gianine McKenna have a little daughter named Milana Elle and a Pomeranian named Ryder four years of age. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the members of the Entrepreneurs Organization and in the past served both the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival as a member of the board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is passionate as a patient advocate and has dedicated his time to serve his community. He has created numerous companies including Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. The growth of his portfolio now encompasses fifty employees in addition to numerous services. After the devastation experienced by New Orleans after hurricane Katrina he placed his efforts into providing housing for the people.

After the sale of ShapeMed Dr. Mark McKenna served Lifetime Fitness Inc. as their National Medical Director until July of 2016. His latest company is called OVME and was launched in July of 2017. He is the CEO of the business which is classified as a medical aesthetic company. OVME is enabled by technology and reinvents the healthcare elective for consumers.


Nick Vertucci: Inspires Real Estate Traineers to Achieve Greatness

Nick is a real estate specialist who got financial freedom from a lucrative real estate business. With this knowledge, he decided to liberate others through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy financially.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was started by Nick to bridge the education gap in learning the real estate business. As a result of this, the Fortunes in the Flipping system created by the founder of the school is now available to everyone who seeks to reach their financial goals through the methods and plans that helped him in attaining success.


The academy aims to address the challenges that crop up when planning to start a career in real estate. They have a competent and reliable corporate team that ensures the success of the institution. In addition to this, the institution has an active trainer team that ensures trainees are tutored to international standards in order to meet the basics of earning a living in the housing business.


The administration and customer care support team ensure that the management and customer support of the institution are efficient. When you attend the academy, you get personal, practical training in real estate from industry leaders. That includes searching for the deal, how to repair the housing project to how you will sell the finished project.


Some of the areas that NVREA covers include asset protection, the art of purchasing and withholding for selling later to maximize your profits, how to handle contracts, fund investments, commercial investments, how to rehabilitate and flip properties, among many others.


His childhood was spent with a loving and hardworking family. By the time he was turning 18, he was already living his own life from his van. However, his luck eventually changed when he landed computer parts selling the business. It is at this time that he started his family and got three daughters.


Nick Vertucci life went on well until he reached a financial snag again. This time it lasted for almost 18 months, and he lost almost everything he had. Then one of his friends invited him to a seminar in training for real estate that lasted for three days.


Although he was reluctant to attend it at first, he went and got to soak in a lot of information which enabled him to get out his financial rut. That system worked even though Nick Vertucci fell a couple of times but made it.

Dr. Mark McKenna investments in the medical services sector

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical professional in the United States. He is known for his work mostly as an entrepreneur in the medical services department. He is a holder of a degree in medicine and surgery from the medical school of the University of Tulane. Dr. McKenna was born in the state of New Orleans. After his medical studies, he started working as a medical professional in his father’s medical firm. Although his career entailed dealing with patients suffering from various medical conditions, McKenna had a passion for business. He wanted to be an entrepreneur. It is for this reason that, while for his father, he established a real estate venture firm.

McKenna Venture firm was a real estate company that he established to take care of real estate developments around his home state of New Orleans. He was able to raise the standards of this company, making it one of the biggest real estate developments firms in the state. He was able to grow the workforce of the firm to about 50 employees while at the same time increasing the number of services offered, he was also able to acquire some of the firms in the industry at the time. One firm that he purchased was the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. his firm was not only engaging in real estate developments but also real estate financing. Following the hurricane Katrina of 2005, most of his investments in the real estate were damaged. This meant that he had to go back and build his company fresh. In the aftermath of the storm, he was one of the people who played a major role in rebuilding what was destroyed. He came up with a project of building affordable houses for the people affected and to learn more

Apart from the real estate business, Dr. McKenna has invested in the medical services sector in a big way. He shifted from the state of New Orleans to Atlanta. It is in Atlanta where his medical career kicked off. H established ShapeMed. This was a wellness firm for handling aesthetics cases. Later he sold the firm to Life Time Fitness Inc. however, Dr. McKenna was retained as the national medical director for the firm. In 2017, Dr, Mckenna established another medical firm known as OVME. This is a medical firm which is focused on implementing elective healthcare services.


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