Amicus Therapeutics at the Forefront of Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on rare and orphan diseases. This is centered around disorders collectively called lysosomal storage disorders. They have concentrated on development of ERT’s (enzyme replacement therapies). The company does not manufacture on its own.
Amicus Therapeutics has a development for many treatments of human genetic diseases. They are based out of New Jersey. Their largest product is migalastat, which is for Fabry disease and only given to those who have been given a genetic diagnosis. They also have SD-101, this could potentially be the first-to-market therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic connective tissue disorder.
Amicus is working on developing enzyme replacement therapy products for Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders. They were founded in 2002 (Crunchbase) with the hope that they could help those with rare and devastating diseases that had no hope. The needs of their patients are the center of their scientific research, commercial organization, and clinical programs. This is not only for their patients, but also for those caregivers who travel with the patients every step of the way.
They are a company that loves to help others in their offices and out. They also do plenty of volunteer work as well. ( They have worked with Habitat for Humanity to help develop affordable housing. These houses are created to help people to be able to afford a living and raise their families.
Amicus Therapeutics is at the forefront of all of those rare diseases and advocating for those lives who cannot advocate for themselves. They work hard so that the fight for life is continuous and there is hope for those who are fighting that fight. There is hope for those fighting the diseases and the hope comes from the company and is given to the patients and their caregivers alike.

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Talos Energy is a Great Place to Work

When it comes to the Mexican oil industry, the future looks bright for foreign investors such as Premier Plc, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas LLC. In 2015, the Mexican government started to allow foreign companies in as a result of the fact that the Mexican oil industry was not at it’s peak level of business. Starting on May 21st, 2017, drilling has started in the Sureste Basin. The basin is thought to be a prime location for drilling, due to it’s geological shape. The expected length of time that drilling will take is 90 days; and the expected cost is around $16 million.

One of the companies that has started oil operations in Mexico, Talos Energy, has made history by being one of the first foreign oil companies since 1938. Talos Energy has an entrepreneurial corporate culture that is very collaborative and dynamic. In 2013, 2014 and 2016, it was awarded as a “Top Work Place” by HC Media Group. In 2015, it was awarded as being one of the “Top 100 Workplaces” by the Houston Chronicle. There are plenty of good things that it’s employees say. For example, Talos Energy is known for being a place where employees feel welcomed to throw out any ideas that they have. During company meetings, the company discusses things in a dignified, inclusive, orderly, dignified way. Even when there is something negative to be said, the setting is dignified and open. An employee even said that there is a start-up feel to working in the company. This start-up vibe makes it feel like there is “never a dull moment.” Talos Energy is a relatively small, privately owned company, which adds to that start-up feel.

Talos Energy is based in Houston, and has been around since 2012. It’s goal is to search for, acquire and utilize lands that have oil and gas. It especially veers toward business in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Gulf Coast.

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The Brazilian Advertisement Guru Jose Henrique Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe agency. The ad agency is among the most powerful in the Brazilian media industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is the brain behind momentous campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat that premiered children in attire that mimicked stuffed animals, singing memorable jingles including the Sazon’s hit songs Luciano and Zeze di Camargo. His successful debut in the Brazilian advertising industry began on a low profile characterized by indecision on the career path that perfectly suited him. An invitation by his sister to watch a performance as a junior high school student helped Jose Henrique Borghi discover to find his career. The presentation featured a show of commercial Vts at the Castro Neves Theatre, which won in Cannes.

Jose Henrique Borghi is a graduate of advertising and propaganda from the prestigious PUC-Campinas. He landed his first job at Standart Ogilvy agencies after graduation. After leaving Standart Ogilvy, Jose Henrique Borghi began Borghi Lowe initially as BorghiErh in partnership with Erh Ray. The company recorded dramatic success before acquisition by Lowe in 2006 to form Borghi Lowe agency. Since then Borgi Lowe grew and became popular throughout Brazil. Lately, the company merged with Mullen Lowe and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe agency. Jose Henrique Borghi assumed the title of co-chief executive officer together with his partner Andre Gomes.

Mullen Lowe ad agency currently provides professional expertise in business advertising and promotion. Jose Borghi, the company’s co-CEO can determine customers, cost-effective ways of reaching them and come up with strategies to stir their interest in buying services or products. Besides his CEO position, Jose Borghi further serves as Mullen Lowe’s advertising and marketing consultant, and among the most sought after advertisement and marketing consultant in Brazil. He provides customized, affordable advertising solutions to company throughout Brazil.


Why Securus Technologies Can Help Prevent Crimes

When you work on a fugitive task force, your job is making sure the worst of the worst are off the streets and that the community is safe for all residents. When you are hunting a suspect and they have a huge network of family and friends hiding them, it can be very troubling trying to get any information on their whereabouts. This was the scenario we were dealing with this month, as one of the more dangerous suspects we have ever encountered was now loose in our city and causing destruction everywhere he went.


To try and put a stop to the crime spree, we had to rely on a resource we have not used in a very long time. At the local prison, Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system that could pick up unique chatter from inmates on any subject. Although we didn’t think the inmates would talk to us, we knew that if they had information that they would eventually be spilling their guts. The one thing that we could count on was that the inmates knew about us being in the prison before we even made our presence known.


Once we were taught how the LBS software worked, we started to listen to see if there was any talk about the person we were hunting. Like clockwork, one inmate was on the phone with his family complaining that the police were here and talking about getting information from inmates. The inmate was complaining that he was the only one who knew the fugitive was hiding at a distant cousin’s farm, and if we found out the fugitive would think he ratted him out. Thanks to that conversation, we were able to close the case and arrest the suspect without any incident and without having to even talk to the inmates.


Cassio Audi: Before the Business World

Nowadays, Cassio Audi is known for his recent endeavors in the financial industry. However, his world renowned early career proves that Audi has a more creative side. Just a few years before he began his pursuit into the business world, Cassio Audi played the pounding heavy metal drums in a rock band called Viper.
Formed in 1985, Viper is a Brazilian heavy metal band with sounds inspired by British heavy metal bands of the time, especially Iron Maiden. Cassio Audi was a founding member of Viper, along with fellow band mates Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. All of them were teenagers at the time. Audi’s drumming skills debuted with their first tape, The Killera Sword. Their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, released in 1987, displaying Audi’s talent, as well as that of the rest of the band members. Despite English being their second language, the band’s abilities resonated, especially that of Cassio Audi, considering that drummers are an important staple in Brazilian heavy metal. The heavy, rhythmic pounding of the drums shaped this rebellious subgenre of music.
In the year of 1989, Cassio Audi left Viper to pursue a different dream, attending São Paulo University and engaging in a financial career. Although, the world continues to know Audi as the teenage heavy metal drummer of Brazil’s icon band, Viper. While his business endeavors have been successful, Cassio Audi will always be remembered for his irreplaceable role as one of Brazil’s most legendary heavy metal drummers.

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Lime Crime Gains Attention

The Lime Crime brand has not been around for decades like Cover Girl, but the brand has gained a large amount of attention early. Doe Deere has been bringing a lot of acclaim to her name. People love what she is doing, and it is just a matter of time before she becomes a big deal with even more youth. Her purple or pink hair is gaining attention, and her brand stands out as one of the most unique types of e-commerce companies.


Doe Deere has certainly taken the Lime Crime to a brand new place. The social media scene is huge, and people are interested in these colors because it presents a spectrum of uniqueness that just isn’t found anywhere else. There are people that are interested in semi-permanent hair dye will also take interest in what Lime Crime is bringing to the table. She has been in business for many years, and I know that there is a high level of anticipating about anything that she may be doing next.


Everything that she does with her cosmetics is innovative. That is really making her a very interesting person to watch. The cosmetics industry is changing, and this Unicorn make will make is possible for more people to try something new. She has been in the business world for almost a decade, but now Doe Deere is getting into the groove. She is become an expert in the field.


This is a brand that has as many as a million followers on Instagram. This is a profile that people may go to because they are looking for a new and exciting way to apply their makeup. There are bountiful products for people to consider from the Doe Deere collection of cosmetics. Some people like the eyeliner products. Others are fans of the lip gloss or lipstick. Now the hair dye is also another additional product from this brand. Doe Deere keeps people interested in what she is doing next. She takes the time to build her brand up with new products. There is something new almost every other month.

Montoro’s Concessions

In a recent private interview, Felipe Montoro Jens has interviewed Edison Carlos. As President of Tata Brazil, Carlos has his hands quite full in maintaining Brazil’s sanitation regulations in full check but always welcomes a new challenge and assistance from wherever he may receive it. Jens interviewed Edison thoroughly on many aspects that currently affect waste levels and toxicity within Brazil, noting possible implications for its future in days to come. In addition, Jens asked many useful questions on topics related to infrastructure programs and the overall effects of banking and social developments as they factor into numerous waste level issues that are beyond control within the country as of last year.


Through a very difficult year, Brazil has struggled to maintain itself in full control of such issues through imposing certain sanctions and requesting concessions on other levels while maintaining low taxes. In efforts to remove these sanitation issues from growing, Brazil’s government has also recently partnered with the BNDES and other similar nearby initiatives to further focus efforts and combine forces while seeking to eradicate unhealthy toxic and waste levels from the country once and for all. Edison also wisely pointed that sanitation in the country is 90 percent public power and 75 percent state organizational use.


Jens fully agrees with Edison’s comments. Jens is an active participant in sanitation and wastewater resources within Brazil. He has worked in this field for more than 30 years and is a specialist in its numerous areas.


In addition, Jensen has previously commented on numerous indexes and studied several similar factors in his lifetime, still not considering himself an expert by any means. This humility is what he is most recognized for: He is a top expert in concessions and sanitation but does not seek the credit as one. Learn. Imitate.

Susan McGalla Helps Women Become Better Business Leaders

Susan McGalla has led quite an interesting life. She has managed to maneuver her way through a ton of challenging situations and build a real presence in the marketing industry. Her zest for marketing has put her on the right track. She is a stellar business leader, and women are quite pleased with the progress that she has made.

McGalla strongly believes that it was her confidence in her skills that took her to the top. She is aware that her degree in marketing would be the thing that helped her get a proverbial foot in the door, but her confidence in what she was doing would seal the deal. McGalla would become this leader in the business world that many people looked up to. She had the knowledge, and she also possessed the power to change the way that businesses functioned. All of her business skills have been an essential part of what she needed in order to help companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle build brand awareness. As a marketing specialist, she realized that this was the best way that her companies could gain a competitive advantage. She worked her way up the corporate ladder, but she started in early positions where she was in sales.

Susan McGalla speaks to women about how hard they must work in order to build their careers. She has spoken to the masses about what it takes to be a leader. She knows how to help any corporation, big or small, develop a fan base. Her magic worked for the American Eagles Outfitters crowd, and she has plans as the director of creative strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers that can also change the fan base for this franchise. She has specialized in building brands for many years. This is one thing that she is very familiar with.

McGalla has taken hold of what it means to be a woman in the business world. She has done everything that one can imagine to break the barriers between men and women in business. Now she is urging other women to take the baton.

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Scott Rocklage: Scientist and Entrepreneur

Scott Rocklage graduated from UC Berkeley. Before becoming managing partner of 5AM Ventures, he had managed other projects such as Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®. Now, with his scientific background, he manages and investment firm. This firm (5AM Ventures) invests in the creation of medicinal products. His PhD in chemistry allows him to active knowledge of the potential of certain products. His association with 5AM Ventures began in 2004 and he has had many interviews.

Many have credited Scott Rocklage for the growth of 5AM Ventures into the powerhouse that it is today. He enjoys reading personal growth books such as “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. And he must. An entrepreneur is one who reads. It is one of the greatest assets for a leader, so he may learn from those who had done it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if he imagines his own company within the pages of “Good to Great” as a story of 5AM’s rise to levels like Walmart and Google. Visit to know more about Scott.

We also know that science is his life. When he was asked what ventures he would advise to his readers, he responded, “not of interest to non-scientists.” He knew a lot of his readers followers wouldn’t be in the science realm. However, his ideas are very scientific, thus how could many others pursue it. Quite the boon for a powerhouse who delves into investing in the science realm.

This is a lesson: if you want to be a success, find what you are passionate about. Find out what you have knowledge in, or can acquire knowledge in. That experience can help you grow into a success just like Scott Rocklage.

Helping Education Through ClassDojo


ClassDojo is an educational app that allows parents, students and teachers to connect on a personal level. This app is responsible for assisting with participation in the classroom, especially with shy students. ClassDojo is used for sharing ideas and encouraging participation.

This app is used around the globe as a tool for interaction among students and teachers. Through ClassDojo individuals are able to share messages, photos and videos with other members of the classroom. All of this information is then shared with parents at home.

Many parents have commented that it allows them to feel more connected and to be part of a team. Each area of ClassDojo serves a purpose and the overall purpose of the app is to teach empathy and growth mindset. This allows students to feel more connected to their classroom because they are able to upload and stream stories to share among their peers.

Through messages parents communicate with teachers and view what is going on within the classrooms. The app also provides a section that guides the parents and teachers with different aspects of interacting with students.

Most times parents feel they are out of the loop when it comes to their child’s education. ClassDojo helps inform parents of a child’s progress and ways to enhance their progress. Living in a world that is based on technology, this app takes advantage of incorporating all means of technology into the educational success of a student.

Most students are already influenced by others through many other apps, this one takes that to the next level. Students are encouraged to view videos, contribute stories and actively participate. ClassDojo is an app that was designed to enhance the atmosphere of learning. It’s the social media app for education, students can create a map of what they have learned and others can view and contribute.

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