The Wengie Project

I’m writing an article about Wengie. This is a very interesting person which is an Aussie YouTuber. I’m watching one of her videos, 12 Life Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know.. The only one videos on YouTube that I normally watch are gamers and music artists but this should be a switch for me because I’ve always interested in seeing different people and their YouTube videos. She was talking about her 3 million subscribers as well as doing a giveaway in which she is giving away 3 MacBook Airs. By winning this prize, the person have to subscribe to her channel and be part of the vlog squad. She thought about what she can do since there are things that lazy people. She is showing us about a meal that can be made and warm in a microwave like pizza without the bread and cake that takes about a minute to cook. I’ve never did something like this but it seems easy to try someday. She bought an interesting point about those potato chip bags that doesn’t seem full. She show one girl to push the bottom of the bag so the chips can be reachable for eating. She showed us that using the wrapper from a yogurt cup can be used as a spoon for eating. I’m learning so much tips from this video. My favorite part of this video is that the girl is using her hair strengthener for her wrinkled outfit. This is a valuable technique when you don’t have an actual iron. The next step that she brought up is recording her food cooking in an oven so she would know when it is cooked well enough. The one tip that was brought up is using your cell phone as a remote which is something that I’ve heard before but never tried. All it takes is either Apple app store or Google Play to find these kind of apps to control your TV. The next one that she mentioned is using plastic wrap on plates that most people won’t want to wash again.


Technology and Fashion Coming Together

Fashion and technology have both largely influenced our modern culture. However, over the recent years, the two seemingly different topics have come closer together to a point where fashion and technology have mixed and become the same. Some fashion designers are looking beyond conventional fabrics and instead look for new and unconventional materials and resources to design their fashion out of. Similarly, technology developers are putting an increased effort into designing how their products look and feel in order to make the products easier to use and more appealing to the general population.



Mr Chris Burch wrote an article in 2016 about the timeline of the development of fashion and technology over the years. Mr Chris Burch has always had a passion for the stylish aspect of technology and fashion is one of his favourite subjects. In his article, he takes the boom box as an example subject. It used to a big heavy machine back in the 70s, but today up to date, the concept has grown a lot smaller and slimmer. It can fit in a small pocket, and that makes it easy to carry around everywhere. The way that technology is being presented visually has also changed. Back in the day, technology was all about function – it works, therefore nothing more e needs to be done. That mindset does not exist anymore as gadgets have long since started looking sleek and futuristic. They need to have a convenient design that is also pretty to look at.



Mr Chris Burch is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs today. He is the owner of Burch Creative Capital which is an umbrella company that includes many of his favourite projects. He works mainly with fashion items and gadgets. He also has a line of stationery, home furnishings, and more. Up to date, Mr Chris Burch is the owner of Nihiwatu – a five-star luxury resort located on the island of Sumba which is in Indonesia.

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Eric Pulier’s Success in Multiple Engagements

Eric Pulier is a well-known businessman in the United States. His reputation is preceded by his numerous accomplishments and involvement in various disciplines and activities. The shrewd entrepreneur is respected for being an avid writer, public speaker, and charitable giver.


Eric Pulier’s love for computer started when he was still young. When studying for a high school diploma in an institution known as Teaneck High School in New Jersey, Pulier demonstrated his interest in computer programming. Eric was a very bright student in school, and this ensured that he landed in one of the prestigious institutions of learning in the globe. The businessman studied at the Harvard University. He specialized in English and American Literature.


While pursuing his degree at the prestigious University, Eric decided to get involved in several activities. The businessman wrote a column in the Harvard Crimson magazine. He also took special classed at MIT, a neighbor of his university.


After completing his studies, Eric ventured into the business world. The computer programming expert has been involved in co-founding, founding and also financing several companies and startups over the years. Some of the businesses that are associated with him include Digital Evolution, Trident Capital, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana and US Interactive.


Eric Pulier has earned the respect of many people around the world because of his track record in philanthropy. The businessman was honored in the year 2010 at the US Doctor for Africa event that was held at the New York City. The computer guru was honored for his significant efforts in proving technical innovations that were able to meet the healthcare needs in Africa. Pulier also played a key role in the establishment of Clinton Global Initiative. He was actually the head of the exploration of innovation to come up with affordable computing resources for the communities that were underserved.


The businessman has also done well as a writer and a public speaker. There are several publications in his name. Some of these include Understanding Enterprise and Manning Publications. These books have done very well in the international market. The books have also transformed the lives of many people in the world.



UKV PLC – Experts in Fine Wines

UK Vintners PLC – or UKV PLC – is a London-based company that specializes in the acquisition and sale of fine wines, in addition to other wine-related services. UKV PLC also offers storage solutions for fine wine collections and investment wines; free valuations of wines and collections; delivery of wines they sell; and brokerage of wines from private collections. Of all these services, the purchasing and sales of fine wines to private collectors and businesses is their primary focus.

UK Vintners PLC deals in fine and investment wines. Their collection includes a variety of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish fine wines, as well as a selection of fine Champagnes. As they are constantly seeking new collections of fine wines to acquire, UKV PLC has an ever-changing collection from which to choose. Through their dealings with private collectors, brokers, and merchants, UKV PLC is also able to locate many wines not currently listed as for sale.

UKV PLC is a modern company, with a modern outlook on web-based and social media presence. The small company is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and has an official presence on LinkedIn. Their Facebook message response time is rated nearly instant, proving they are dedicated to ensuring quality communication with potential customers. Their Twitter feed is full of information not only about their company, but about the value of wines themselves. Helpful tips and advice about wines are also offered, drawing prospective customers in to a trustworthy company. Their Instagram feed is, by far, the loveliest, with eye-catching photos of wines and vineyards to tantalize the senses.

When purchasing from UKV PLC, buyers can be sure they are getting fully vetted fine and rare wines, whether they’re intended for drinking or investment. UKV PLC prides itself on individualized customer service, and will work hard to make sure all customers receive both the finest treatment and the finest wines.

Just What Is Capital Anesthesiology Association & It Does Business

To simply state it, Capital Anesthesiology Association is the cream of the crop when it comes to providing anesthesia services. This organization has been around since the early 70’s and it has grown into one of the nation’s largest independent practices that specialize in anesthesiology. Every clinical staff member here is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. Capital Anesthesiology Association provides the very best in care thanks to it’s comfortable environments.You can also find them on Facebook:

There are literally up to 130 certified registered nurses and up to 80 doctors here. This clinical staff is highly trained, experienced, and are some of the most gifted individuals on the planet. This organization covers a broad area which includes up to 20 medical facilities. These facilities include Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, Brackenridge Hospital, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedics, Inspire Medical Centre, and many more. The administrative staff is as great as the clinical staff as it supports any and all patients through the billing process. Whatever that is needed, CAA has every patient, client, and customer fully covered.

This is modern day anesthesiology at it’s finest as it is more productive, ethical, and innovative. For those whom are interested in a career in this exclusive field of work, Capital Anesthesiology Association educated and trains aspiring paramedics, nurses, nurse anesthetists, medical students, and medical residents. The future is looking mighty bright and CAA plays a huge role overall.

James Dondero and Mike Okada established Highland Capital Management 20 years ago. The company has done very well under their leadership, and it currently has over 15 billion in assets. The institution is SEC registered, and it is considered to be one of the largest investment advisors in the United States. The company also has the most dedicated and experienced alternative credit managers in the country too.


Highland Capital Management specializes in capital strategies, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The successful institution is also believed to have pioneered several innovative products in the competitive market. The private company has made its name in the market for developing collateralized loan obligation, separate accounts, long only funds, distressed private equity and special situation equity.


The private company provides consumers with alternative investments such as natural resources, short and long equities. Its clients in different parts of the world say that the products and services from the company are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the industry. Most of its clients are financial institutions, governments, corporations, foundations, funds of funds and high net worth individuals from all over the globe. Highland Capital Management is currently based in Dallas, Texas. The company has managed to expand significantly in the past, and it has branches in Singapore, New York City, Sao Paolo, and Seoul.


Highland Capital uses a unique approach in the market, and this has played a key role in its success. This method guarantees the retail and institutional investors returns that are consistent and above average. The successful company believes in preserving capital and using some of the tried and proven techniques in targeting the return balance. This simple method has taken the hedge fund to greater heights.


James Dondero serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Dondero has a lot of expertise and knowledge in retail and credit markets. Under his leadership, the hedge fund has done well. The visionary leader ensures that individuals employed by the company are knowledgeable so that the consumers get the best results. Thanks to these qualities, many corporations, governments and high net worth individuals have benefited from the enterprise.




Adam Milstein as a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein has recently been announced as one of the 200 most influential do-gooders in the world. He is among the best philanthropists and entrepreneurs on the social media. The media behind the naming is Richtopia is located in London which was in an organization with a position arrangement on social media. According to his Facebook and Twitter account and how he influences the world in philanthropy he is positioned number 187. Apart from Adam Milstein being the chairman and co-founder of the Israel-American Council (IAC) he also is part of other important Jewish organizations for instance AIPAC, the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships.


Other that Adam Milstein being on the list, we have other leaders who developed to be good philanthropists, they include; Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Eric Trump, Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. Politicians were also on the list, such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Adam Milstein is pleased to be among the other philanthropists on the list, he added that his humanitarian work is very prominent in his life and people around him. He appreciates IAC, his wife Gila and other different Jewish companies that have collaborated with him to help people.


His foundation, The Milstein Family is focused on two objectives which include uniting the Jewish people as well as their culture and the Israel Country. These pillars are achieved through practicing philanthropy and its values, supporting different projects by offering the money needed and creating collaborations among organizations. Adam Milstein believes that the Milstein Family Foundation keeps working hard each day to achieve their objectives and especially uniting the state of Israel and the Jewish people.


Adam Milstein is a graduate of Technion, when he arrived in the United States he decided to pursue more education and as a result he achieved an MBA from USC and right after that started working on commercial real estate. Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He is clearly an accomplished philanthropist as well as a businessman. He highly majors in real estate investment. He is a man who completes his tasks in real estate because he is aware of how it can be challenging at times.





Experience of Vincent Parascandola as a Financial Advisor

Vincent Parascandola is a Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors, LLC; a company that helps its clients in wealth management and financial protection strategies. He has a broad experience spaning over 25 years in the financial industry having begun his career in 1987 as an agent at Prudential Financial Company. Mr. Parascandola later joined MONY Life Insurance Firm in 1990 where he served in various positions in local and regional field management. He then joined AXA Advisors in 2004 and started by working at the Company’s Advantage Group; a unit of AXA Equitable that attracts experienced financial professionals. Before then, he was the co-manager of AXA’s New Metro Branch which has about 400 financial experts in the tri-state region.

Mr. Parascandola is recognized for his leadership skills, and he has earned several management awards in his entire career including Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. He is also a well-known speaker who has addressed company and industry conferences such as LIMRA’s Distribution conferences and National LAMP Meeting. Moreover, he is the former president of Florida Chapter and a member of GAMA. Vincent earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. He is skilled in Financial Services, Asset Management, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, and Retirement Planning.

AXA Advisors, LLC helps their clients access relevant information concerning their businesses as well as crucial resources and tools they can use for their growth. It has more than 150 years of experience and over 540 billion dollars in assets under its management. Hence, it is conversant in identifying and implementing personalized financial solutions.

A Look At The Horrific Deeds The Toy Box Killer Would Do To His Victims


The Toy Box Killer was a man named David Parker Ray. He was from New Mexico and was believed to have kidnapped and then raped, tortured and murdered up to 60 women. His nickname, the Toy Box Killer stems from the fact that he had constructed a specific building that was referred to as a toy box where he would torture and rape women before killing them.


One sickening detail of David Parker Ray was that he would play a tape to his victims that explained what had happened to them, and what he would be later doing them. This how to guide was played on tape to his victims and was later found by authorities. The tape has never been released to the public because it may be too sickening for the average person to hear.


Another sick detail that emerged from the investigation and trail of the Toy Box Killer was that he would sometimes lock up his female victims in a cage and hold them in a position so that his dogs would then be able to rape them. It is hard to imagine what went through this psychopathic killer’s mind as he preceded to do these inhumane crimes.


It was found out that David Parker Ray has two accomplices. One of the accomplices was a woman named Cindy Hendy, who is believed to have engaged in sexual conduct with the victims alongside of David Parker Ray. A second male accomplice named Dennis Roy Yancy was found to have set up an ex-girlfriend with David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy. They later tortured and murdered her.  Definitely one of the worst serial killers, and provider of one of the worst creepy true stories to every grace humanity.

Jay-Z’s Tidal Benefits from Bringing Desiree Perez On-Board

Jay-Z has seen and done it all. As a solo artist, the Brooklyn-born Sean Carter has sold out more arenas and stadiums than any other rapper alive. He’s married the Queen herself, Beyonce Knowles. As an investor, he’s comfortably living a billionaire lifestyle defined by flying jets to private and exotic islands to hang with the likes of Branson of Virgin Atlantic and the Obamas. One of his latest investments comes in the form of the music streaming app called Tidal.

Who Runs Tidal?

Tidal now has the exclusive permits to distribute music from the likes of Kanye West, Beyoncé, T.I, Rihanna and Daft Punk. It is reported that over 1M music lovers flocked to the app to hear Kanye’s last album, The Life of Pablo. The real driving force behind the massive success of Tidal is not Jay-Z alone. There’s also the unseen hand of the legendary music promoter, Desiree Perez.

Introducing Desiree Perez

Mrs. Perez has an impeccable track record of turning huge profits to artists. She’s worked in the industry for two decades. Desiree is married to “OG” Juan Perez, the man in-charge of Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree’s street cred can be likened to that of a character in the hit TV series, Empire, Cookie. On the show, Cookie gets depicted as being a no-nonsense arbitrator who’s willing to do just about anything to ensure she gets her way to the top. The media has aptly nicknamed Desiree Perez as “Ruthless Babe” for her unrelenting ways.  For additional reading,  Hit

Unique Streaming Experiences

Top artists like Rihanna owe a ton of gratitude to Perez. She oversaw the multi-million deal with Samsung for Riri. If there’s one thing Jay-Z knows how to do best, it is to bring together like minded pro’s to further his agendas. The music mogul brought on Perez because he knew all too well about her robust networks. Perez’s core team includes personalities like Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman and TyTy Smith.  Check

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Desiree Perez has worked on making Tidal unique from the other available music streaming options out there. For instance, they have different pricing policies and the music you get on the app isn’t what you would get using Spotify or Apple Music.

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