Donald Glover gets FX sitcom deal

Multi-talented performer Donald Glover has signed on to star in a new half hour comedy series for the FX network according to his fan page.

The series will be called Atlanta and will follow the story of Earnest Marks, an aspiring rapper in the eponymous city who decides to pursue stardom after his cousin makes it big in the music business.

Although Glover started out as a television writer on the show 30 Rock, for which he won a WGA award, he is probably best known to mainstream audiences for portraying the character of Troy Barnes on the cult comedy series Community on NBC.

However he also has recently launched a successful career as a rapper under the name Childish Gambino, taking home a Grammy Award for his second studio album “Because the Internet”. Glover will be tapping into his own experiences for the FX series, which is loosely based on his own early rap career.

In addition to starring in the show Glover will be writing the pilot as well as serving as executive producer alongside Paul Simms and Dianne McGunnigle. Simms was the creater of the sitcom Newsradio and more recently worked on the HBO cult series The Flight of the Conchords.

The show is planned to debut on 2015 and will be part of a strong roster of new comedies developed by the network that also includes shows starring Denis Leary, Jay Baruchel, and Bill Burr.

50 Tracks from 2014 to Add to Your Collection

Rolling Stone is going to boost records sales for lots of artists before the year is out. The staff went to work and provided the 50 best songs of 2014, and lists always make people curious about what they are missing.

Some songs are obviously on the list. People already have things like “Fancy” and “Stay with Me” on their playlists. Many music lovers are still playing Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith right now. It is the lesser known artists like Katy B. with “5 AM” that are going to make music fans take notice to the list.

There are also tracks like “No Flex Zone” that will make general music fans look for these artists. Skout users seem to really like that song in particular. Again, it is only natural to see artists like Coldplay or Beyonce on these songs. They are the usual suspects when it comes to making hits. Other people like Beverly with “Honey Do,” and YG with “My Hitters” are getting a leg up by getting placed on these lists. This list puts them in a temporary spotlight for people that do not know them. It makes is possible for these artists to sell more records when they manage to make these type of lists.

There are some singles that were expected to appear that did not surface. The monster hit “Happy,” by Pharrell is not on the list. The Oscar-winning track “Let It Go,” is also omitted here.

Taylor and Karlie Together?

Many people are speculating if best friends Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are an item. The girls are very close, and they live together in New York City. The two have been linked to a number of prominent businessmen and celebrities over the years. However, this past weekend a fan caught them kissing at a concert. The fan posted a grainy picture of the two girls in an apparent embrace. Of course, both parties deny any flirtatious involvement.

Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London where Karlie was walking the runway. The singer and the angel exchanged a quick glance and grabbed hands as they passed each other. Yet, there was nothing particularly lustful about the look. Chances are the girls are close friends who like to share intimate moments. Taylor is notorious for her failed love life, and she has been linked to stars such as Harry Styles and John Mayer. Her songs are usually angst filled ballads that tear apart her exes. Karlie keeps her love life a little more private.

The two grew close after meeting each other at last years Victoria’s Secret event. People at Slow Ventures gossiped about it a little. Karlie cut her hair in a very long bob that became an instant hit. Taylor quickly followed suit with a very similar look that cemented her new adult image. Who is to know the real relationship between Karlie and Taylor? As long as they are happy, does it really matter?

Avril Lavigne Health Issues

Today we all are shocked and shaken to hear the news that America’s beloved skater girl Avril Lavigne had hinted to a fan that she is having health complications that have interfered with her music career. It all started when a fan asked her about the possibility of new music via twitter, Avril responded with a direct message asking the fan to pray for her because she has been experiencing health issues and is torn on how to tell her fans as she is a very private person.

Since the news of Avril’s heath has been made public fans everywhere have been showing their loyalty and support to the singer by offering kind words and prayers to the singer via Twitter, Skout and other social media outlets. The hast tag #prayforavril has been growing hourly.

Reps for Avril have confirmed that the direct message exchange between Avril and her fan are indeed authentic but Avril’s health issue can not be specified however the insist that Avril is not pregnant as many seem to believe. All anyone can hope is that Avril makes a speedy recover no matter what the issue is. #prayforavril

Mariah’s Christmas Vocal Drama

Last week while Mariah was supposed to be at a taping of the Christmas tree lighting performing her annual rendition of “All I want for Christmas” she was blowing it off to have a very important phone conference with her divorce lawyer. When she finally arrived to the tapping more than three hours late, the frustrated NBC execs told her to turn around and keep on walking. Until last night ( the night of the live show) it was still not confirmed that Mariah would be at the show at all.

Well yesterday the world was shocked to find out that at the last minute Mariah agreed to show and perform live and unrehearsed. She is not used to always doing that, as Gianfrancesco Genoso noted. Everyone was happy about Mariah and NBC’s sudden change of heart but what nobody was expecting was Mariah’s less than perfect vocals.

Her performance was a series of missed high notes and flat singing that many may have overlooked due to the show being outside in the freezing cold and also live, but leave it to the internet and some shady individuals to release the unedited and isolated vocals from Mariah’s live performance leading to a social media uproar. The Vocals were so upsetting that not only did Good Morning America replace Mariah’s vocals for the West Coast broadcast, but Mariah herself even tweeted an apology for her less than award winning performance.

Laurene Powell Jobs Gives Back Anonymously

Silicon Valley is widely known for being a home base for the thriving and often lucrative technology industry. It is a mecca for start-up companies, entrepreneurs and IT professionals. Often, these individuals work long, hard hours innovating new products and ultimately changing the world through their innovations. In addition, many of these young individuals also earn vary large salaries and are compensated well for their efforts. Some criticize these professionals for not being philanthropic with their growing cash reserves, but the professionals often state that they are busy working and will have time later in life to give back. Right now, some say, they are giving to the world in the form of their hard work and innovations. However, there is one very notable exception to this, and that is the Jobs family.

Who Is the Jobs Family?
Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, is a household name recognized by many for his hard work, innovations and incredible wealth. While he passed away in October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer, his legacy lives on.

A Closer Look at Laurene Powell Jobs
Laurene was born in 1963, and she married Steve Jobs in 1991. The couple have three children together. Laurene graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and she is known for founding the Emerson Collective and co-founding College Track. Emerson Collective is an organization that is focused on immigration reform, education, the environment and other issues. College Track helps disadvantaged high school students become ready to attend college. When Steve Jobs passed away, Laurene was granted control over the Steven P. Jobs Trust, and the name changed to the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust. Through this trust, she controls approximately 140 million shares of Disney stock, making her the largest shareholder in that company. According to Forbes, she was the 29th most powerful woman in the world in 2014.

Anonymous Giving
While the Jobs family has given back to the community through efforts by the Emerson Collective and College Track, their philanthropic efforts generally do not have a tie to the family itself. Laurene is widely known as the founder and co-founded of these organizations, but these are tax-exempt organizations that are not required to report donations in the same way a foundation is required to. This means that the donations and funding that her family provides to these organizations is anonymous. Her work for them may be widely known, but it is not known how much money her family has gifted to the organizations themselves. Laurene states that they prefer to give back and to help others without tying their family name to it.

While it is known that she is an active philanthropist, it is not known what the significance of her efforts actually is. By all accounts, she intends to keep her financial donations and contributions to these organizations anonymous.

Kanye Performs for World AIDS day

Kanye hits the stage in New York City for Worlds AIDS Day. Other celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Carrie Underwood performed in Times Square in order to help to unite the world against the disease.

West song choice of “Power” and “Jesus Walks” could perhaps been his way of informing the crowd that they have power over the disease, while the song “Jesus Walks” can be seen to provide hope for those that are living with the disease or who has family or friends that are suffering from it.

Kanye also performed “Black Skinhead” from his last album. This song’s performance could have possibly been a protest against the events that have transpired in Ferguson. The star stated that he’d “black out” on “Black Skinhead.”

“Stronger” helped fans to realize that they were more powerful than AIDS, but it also reminded fans that West was a perfectionist. A small musical mishap during the performance of “Stronger” caused West to step out of performance and remind the sound technicians that he was live on television, meaning there should be no room for mistakes. The technicians were able to correct the issue before Kanye performed another hit “Touch the Sky”.


Andre 3000 Turns Heads With Tour Jumpsuits

Andre Benjamin is half of the ever so popular rap group Outkast. They have embarked upon their 20th anniversary tour and have been receiving some well deserved press. They have been hailed as one of the greatest rap duos of all time, with millions of record sales and fans around the world. It is easy to see why a simple jumpsuit that Andre 3000 is wearing is making music news headlines.

Andre 3000 meant for this just to be a fun thing to do on tour, but it seems that now it has created a certain amount of buzz for both fans and the news media. It seems as though Outkast is still popular enough to make music news headlines and Jared Haftel, who is a huge fan, is happy for that.

Ty Herndon Comes Out

Another addition has come in this landmark week for gay rights. Popular country singer Ty Herndon officially came out today.
While Mr. Herndon’s sexuality has hardly been a secret within Nashville it is the first time he has commented on it publicly. He stated that he has always wanted to be a country singer and he always feared that being gay would prevent him from achieving his dream. He claims that he went to great lengths to hide his secret.
One of the lengths he went to is getting married. This was a bit of a shocker to those who heard about the news at North American Spine. He was married twice and reportedly both wives knew that he was gay. He claims that they were in on it and they were helping him keep up appearances.
The singer, who is now fifty-two, claims that he knew as a child that he was gay. His family has known about it since his twenties, but he has never been ready to go public until today. He states that he is hoping to help gay youth that are frightened by their sexuality. He says he remembers his childhood in the church and being scared that he was going to go to hell. He doesn’t want other youth to go through that so he is reaching out.

Rapper J. Cole Pays a Surprise Visit to One of His Fans

In a world where meeting your favorite artist seems like an unattainable dream, most of us never get the opportunity to come face-to-face with a celebrity. But one lucky rap fan is living everyone’s dream. Dalia in Dallas, Texas not only got the opportunity to meet her favorite rap artist, but she got to spend the entire day with him in her home.

Dalia is a huge fan of J. Cole, but never in a million years did she think that she would be able to have an intimate day spent with the North Carolina native. J. Cole reached out to Dalia on Twitter and asked for her address.

Dalia retells her story on and describes how J.Cole spent time with her family, engaged in deep conversations with her, and how she was able to listen to his entire unreleased album that is set to hit stores on December 9th. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez wonders what other artist would do something like this for their fans? In a world where celebrities seem so unattainable, J. Cole continues to give back to his fans in every way possible.

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