Talk Space And Sociopath Disorders

More women than you might imagine are involved in an abusive relationship. Often, the marriage has suffered for years because of the emotional and physical abuse. Still, the wife is hesitant to leave the abusive relationship. The husband’s mental condition simply deteriorated over the years. This type of behavior is termed a antisocial personality disorder. The abuser has little regard for the feelings of others. They are cold and unfeeling individuals that do not display an guilt or remorse about their actions. Often, the abused spouse feels alone, and unable to talk about the abusive behavior with others.

Talk Space

Talk Space is a new counseling and personal therapy application that makes it possible for an individual to personally text a licensed therapist over their mobile device. Texting the therapist is a very discreet way to seek help for a mental health issue. Talk Space deals with a number of mental health issues that include the antisocial personality disorder and women in abusive relationships. An individual in the middle of a mental crisis signs up with the Talk Space application. They are paired with a professional therapist that is experienced handling their type of mental issue.

Getting Started

People that are familiar with the application like the immediate responses received from the licensed therapist via the application. In addition, the text based therapy application is very discreet. An individual could text their therapist during their lunch hour at work, and receive a reply in a few minutes, while eating their lunch. Absolutely no one would know that they were chatting via text with a therapist.

Talk Space Advantages

The average person that is familiar with Talk Space prefers this service over the traditional therapist. Often, it is very difficult for the average person to visit a therapist on a regular basis. Talk Space makes meeting up with a therapist easy.

How Drew Madden is Combining Technology with the People that Use It

Drew Madden is innovating how people use technology within the health care profession. In this futuristic society technology is in high demand as companies are relaying on it more and more for even basic operations. That reliability is even more so when it comes to the Healthcare Profession. Paper records are becoming too slow and fragile compared to easy-to-access computers that dominate our everyday lives.

Madden is no stranger when it comes to the IT side of the Medical profession. After earning a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering he went straight into the medical industry working at Cerner Corporation. It wasn’t long before his specialized skills landed him as president of Nordic Consulting Partners. With his leadership the company rose from simple startup status to the world’s number one consulting company. Now with over a decade of experience in the Healthcare Information Technology Drew Madden is one of the few leading this new frontier.

As with all new things the tech culture shock is racking the Health Industry and causing problems with this new wave of technology. Madden is working on fixing that problem with his company Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Inc. Madden and his partners are not only updating the IT side of Healthcare establishments but also working with the people inside to have a better understanding of these new systems. Doctors, Nurses, and staff already must retain immense knowledge of their field and learning something new can be frustrating, and that is what Madden and his company are aiming to fix.

Not only is Drew Madden specializing in the most recent technology of cloud computing for EMR (Electronic Health Records), but he’s using that knowledge to consult with specialists to provide a deep understanding of how to effectively use it. Tech is never easy but offers great advancement and tools that can’t be ignored forever. With Madden’s vision he’s creating better, more effective hospitals and pharmacies, and improving the lives of those who work there and go there for their needs.

Hope for the Low-Income Homes Children, Thanks to Rocketship Education

In the town of San Jose, California, there has been a trend where housing prices have increased drastically. Furthermore, the region has experienced reduced middle-class jobs leading to an increasing gap between the rich and the poor. This has affected even the education system in the region with the future of the poor at jeopardy. The need to improve public education especially for the poor in this region is important. This factors led to Rocketship Education which is a non-profit making organization dealing with public charter schools establishing the program to help low-income earners in San Jose and its environs.

Previously before Rocketship started its programs in San Jose, there was little impact of education on the life of this community. The few who graduated from high school and made into college had little impact. However, Rocketship has availed a favorable and conducive learning environment for children from low-income families by setting up 25 schools. These schools are high performing with students from low-income communities even outsmarting their rich counterparts.

Rocketship Education works by empowering their teachers, engaging the parents, and inspiring the poor communities.

Using computerized learning, large classrooms and recruiting enthusiastic graduate teachers, their model has led to students from low-income communities performing better. This has won those awards and recognition as more investments trickle in.

At Rocketship Education parents in Charter schools are involved in recruiting teachers. The logic towards this is that parents would be more involved if they were in touch with the personality and skills of the person teaching their kids. Rocketship thus trains some parents on how to take part in interviewing teachers by incorporating their children and community issues when vetting teachers. At some point, those who meet the credentials get to be oriented with the community in a communal meeting.

With the belief that every child can succeed and be productive in life despite economic backgrounds, Rocketship Education has helped inspire and motivate many children who previously had no dream. Each child can dream big, and work towards achieving their dreams at charter schools while engaging the teachers, leaders and community, courtesy of Rocketship Education. The high and stellar performance of the charter schools is enough evidence of the realized outcomes of Rocketship Education efforts.

Sing Along: A – B – C – D. True Multi-variate Web Optimization with Sentient AI

Almost as soon as the Internet got started, designers learned that they could tweak their GUIs to drive performance. Unfortunately, that took labor and time, a real disadvantage when results are hit-or-miss. Then too, when small businesses don’t drive much traffic, inferring causality comes with problems.

First Evolution: Univariate Testing

Refinement of A/B testing, where A represents a control and B captures an alternative/treatment, pushed web marketing forward early on. A vs. B is a simple, obvious idea. As a next step, how about A vs. B vs. C, then? That’s the current idea versus two univariate changes.

Univariate testing of D, E, F and so forth makes sense, too. Most landing pages have a nearly infinite number of possible univariate changes. On the other hand, creators lack both infinite time and infinite traffic. As a very powerful too, univariate testing expands the creative range of the designer. It also stretches designer resources to their limit.

Second Evolution: Multi-variate Testing

In addition to straining resources, univariate testing poses an obvious problem. That is, what if the best choice calls for making more than one change? If the designer balks at infinite univariate possibilities, how about infinity times that?

The only rational choice involves some sort of automation. Sentient ASCEND not only manages that task, but it also manages the bookkeeping at the same time.

Next Generation Innovation

In July 2017, Sentient announced a laundry list of new features to make testing more flexible. Some of these are really exciting. For example, if you have an API, chances are that you would prefer that customers use it instead of repetitive bulk downloading. If so, the new Manual feature lets the tester set up experiments to learn which multi-variate settings trigger use of the API.

Other enhancements include:

  • Sentient added Adobe Analytics to the existing suite of Google Analytics capabilities
  • Audience screening
  • Drill down to hard-to-reach parts of the design to make it easier to add treatments

The current version also permits export of the candidate code.

All-in-all the new version takes a new giant step on top of the last one. More than that, it lets the designer learn what works while it frees up time for more creativity. It’s hard to beat having more time for the part of the job designer’s love.

Lime Crime is Turning People Into Unicorns

Cutting-edge hair dye and fashion company Lime Crime have announced that they are throwing their “hat” in the ring, so to speak, of the unicorn craze with their unique Goth take on it. Unlike their previous entries which were as bright as bright can be, this go around with the Unicorn Hair Collection takes it a step deeper and darker.

The official names and descriptions of the Gothic unicorn colors are as follows:

Chestnut- which is a deep and luxurious maroon

Squid- which is a purple spooky enough for Halloween

Charcoal- which is a gray with a touch of dustiness to it

Sea Witch- this is meant to resemble the color of the tail of an evil mermaid

In a posting on Pinterest announcing the new color additions to the already formidable line-up, the company said that the colors were developed with darker-haired girls in mind so that they too could represent Team Unicorn. If it is anything like the other products that Lime Crime has developed in the past, it should catch on very quick. The company seems to have cornered the market on a blend of punky sass and a keen observation of which colors bring out the best to all of its wearers.

Not only is their entire line of products cruelty-free, but they are also 100% vegan. This means that they contain zero of the animal-derived products that other companies include, such as beeswax, carmine, and lanolin. Their products have all been certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. This can set the minds of all animal lovers everywhere at ease. No longer will they have to wonder if the products they have been using or intend on using were created in an inhumane fashion or created on the back of animal cruelty.

Find out more about Lime Crime:

Oncotarget on a Mission to Creating a World free of Diseases and Ignorance

Oncotarget is a broad term that has under its definition pathways, cellular organisms and molecules in cancer cells, lymphocytes, and aging disorders. The oncotarget mission has been to reach out to the public and make this information public knowledge.

Through research and peer reviews, Oncotarget has been able to maximize the impact of scientific researchers in these fields. The results have been insightful and overly comprehensive. With a team of highly trained and experienced scientists, it has taken science to another level.

Public Emancipation through Social Media

The internet has proved to gain and command a high following and subscription from followers, thus creating a great platform for public education with regard to human health. Oncotarget is a leader in the online platform, as far as publication and sharing of journal publications is concerned.

The recent publications will be released in two documents on weekly basis. The change has been necessitated by the demand for quality and timely information by the public. These will be released every Tuesday and the other one on Fridays in order to cater for the great public demand for timely health-related news.

Oncotarget Development levels and Research Endeavors

Great and constructive reviews have been conducted by peers, growing the reputation and international awareness of Oncotarget. The insightful and timely releases of information by authors reckon around the world has been able to intensify their global research campaigns as compared to previous years. In the former years, Oncology was the highly highlighted topic, but the recent changes have enabled their subscribers to order for topics beyond oncology. Researchers are now sharing information on Cardiology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, Neuroscience and even Pharmacology. The mission to create an informed world is being slowly achieved under Octotarget.

New Releases and Partnership with PubMed

This partnership has been entered to facilitate quick and easy dissemination of research results and information, especially discoveries that are important. The only approved papers will be made available under new releases in PubMed. The gap and misinformation, coupled with delays which previously existed ill no be contained.

Dr. David Samadi Interviews Breast Health Expert Dr. CynaraCoomer

Breast health specialist Dr. CynaraCoomer will appear on famed prostate surgeon Dr. David Samadi’s new livestream program ‘Sunday Housecall’. Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital’s chief of breast surgery and Comprehensive Breast Center director, Dr. Coomer will share some of her encyclopedic knowledge about breast health with the international audience of Dr. Samadi’s show. She will also provide them with tips for maintaining and improving breast health. This interesting, informative interview will be aired on Sunday, October 15 at 12:30 pm EDT in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr. CynaraCoomer is a breast health expert and a major force behind Staten Island’s establishment of their first comprehensive breast center. In addition to her work at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center as a breast surgeon, Dr. Coomer also has an impressive track record in her clinical practice for successfully treating benign and malignant breast diseases. Dr. Samadi felt she would be the ideal guest to speak to his audience during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Coomer sees appearing on the show to talk about breast cancer awareness and help people become better educated about breast health, prostate health and other serious medical conditions as an honor.

Dr. David Samadi is an internationally respected surgeon and prostate health expert. An Iranian native, Dr. Samadi moved to New York at age 15 after attending school in London and Belgium. After graduating from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in biochemistry, Samadi got his medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine, a branch of the State University of New York. Dr. David Samadi then did his urology postgraduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and his proctology postgraduate training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as Montefiore Medical Center.

In 2001, Dr. David Samadi did a proctology-focused oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kittering Cancer Center. Next, he did a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in France at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil mentored by Professor Claude Abbou. Dr. David Samadi is now board certified in urologic oncology, trained in laparoscopic and open traditional surgery and an expert in robotic prostate surgery. Currently he’s Lenox Hill Hospital’s chief of robotic surgery as well as chairman of urology.

Detecting, diagnosing and treating prostate cancer as early as possible has long been the focus of Dr. David Samadi. Among his field’s top surgeons, he’s committed to raising worldwide awareness about prostate cancer.

For details:

Traveling Vineyard Makes it Possible to Work From Home

Hosting a wine party can be a lot of fun. This is how many people make money when they decide to become wine consultants. There certainly are going to be a lot of people that benefit from taking a job as a consultant for the Traveling Vineyard. This is how people get a chance to improve the amount of money that they bring home.

Wine pairing with foods is something that a lot of people want to know more about. A wine consultant from the Traveling Vineyard can help with this. The thought of trying to pick the perfect wine for a particular occasion can be a bit stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The people that attend wine hosting parties where Traveling Vineyard consultants are in place get quite a treat. They get the chance to actually find out what wines are going to be best for certain situations. This is a great way to experience some of the best wines and get acquainted with what the Traveling Vineyard has to offer.

This is one of those companies that tends to entice a lot of people that are trying to make some extra money while they get involved in training and sales. The great thing about this type of environment is that it gives people the chance to build up their resume in the sales arena. There are lots of people that are interested in building a career in sales, but most people that get hired for positions in sales must have prior experience. There is no greater way to earn the experience that one is looking for than through the Traveling Vineyard. People get the opportunity to build their own business and go into sales for themselves.

This the the great thing about a business like the Traveling Vineyard. This business gives people the chance to actually make their own schedules. They get all the tools that they need to get acquainted with the world of direct sales. This is what the Traveling Vineyard consultants are essentially doing. They are cutting out the middle man in the world of wine selling.

Some people like to host wine tasting parties so this certainly makes it easier for consultants to find customers that are interested in new wines. It is a great job for anyone that is friendly and able to sell products for new people that they meet.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media:


Greg Secker, an English businessman, is in the major league as far as people in business go. His work has been recognized in the foreign exchange sector and has received praise from the world media in sharing his knowledge through education.

Secker was born on 18th February 1975 in Norfolk England. Greg Secker studied Agriculture and food sciences at the University of Nottingham. During his time at the university, he built and sold computers, which eventually made him learn coding and programming. His interest in computers introduced him Thomas Cook who was also a computer fanatic and offered him a job in building the Virtual Trading Desk which was the first online trading platform allowing traders to receive great present quotes on huge foreign exchange transactions.

His interest in coding grew as he continued to work on the Virtual Trading Desk that prompted him to request for a loan and use it to trade. He managed to turn it into 60,000euros from 5,000euros in just under a year. He also exercised core principles, had a risk-managed approach having the discipline to stick to his plan that was strategy driven. Secker then started developing foreign exchange trading systems.

At the age of 25, his career skyrocketed. He was made Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation which was one of the major Fortune 500 investment banks in the United States. While there he interacted with some of the world’s best traders having access to high-powered Forex traders. Secker’s account grew till he chose to retire.

He decided to set up shop and trade at his home. Three months later he started his company learns to Trade. His company taught over 100,000 in 9 years where they learned how to navigate through the stock and currency market. He has regularly offered his opinion on the state of the market to the media, his major market channels being CNBC and Bloomberg. He has also shared stages with the greats like Tony Blair at the National Achievers Congress in Asia 2010.

With so much success, Greg supports many charity organizations. In 2011, he started a nonprofit organization that set out to improve the quality of life for children all over the world.

How Rodrigo Terpins Grew To Become A Top Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports achievers. His brother, Michel Terpins, is a renowned rally drive and a bike lover. The Brazilian driver is also a high achiever who has completed five Sertões Rally at his age of 44. Rodrigo started showing his passion for sports and speed at a young age having stayed with his sporting father, Jack Terpins. Jack was a famous basketball player and president of both Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council.


Their family excellence in sports motivated Rodrigo to join rally sports. Over the years, the talented driver has grown his name in the off-road championships across Brazil. He has graced events and trounced his competitors in what looked like routine and not luck. Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are members of Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

The two brothers are following the footsteps of their father, and they are making remarkable leaps in the world of sports. Michel Rodrigo was a reputable motorbike racer before collaborating with his sibling to conquer the T1 prototype. They have been racing together for the last four seasons. They board the T-Rex that was customized for them specifically for this race. MEM Motorsport company developed the motor for the rough terrain. His passion in T1 prototype category kept Rodrigo interested in rally.


Rodrigo and Michel Terpins took part in the recent 22nd Sertoes Rally championship that covered around 2,600 km across two states and seven diverse and different courses designed to examine their dynamic abilities, physical, and mental agility over their contestants. The two completed the race in position three. They were position eight out of the 38 competitors who started the race.

Rodrigo did not participate in the Cuesta off-road challenge that concluded few months ago, he promised never to miss future championships. Rodrigo revealed his plans of teaming up with his brother to boost his chances of winning. Currently, the Brazilian is contented with the current rate of his career development. He is trying to accomplish a balanced life with his profession and family to get the best from the two worlds.

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