Nothing Speaks To Wine Like The Antique Wine Company

You don’t have to be a professional wine taster to appreciate a good bottle of wine, but when it comes to choosing the right bottle, especially for that special event, a little advice could make all the difference in the world. Wine tasting events are becoming a lot more popular and there is a reason why that is happening. Understanding the historic value of wine and how it improves with age can be an excellent tool for communicating in certain social circles. On the other hand, educating yourself about wine and how it transformed through the years is also important for individuals who are attempting to introduce the sale of wine to their business operations.


Head Of The Class

The Antique Wine Company has been providing some of the best options in fine wine for decades, and it is this experience that they hope to share with individuals who have a desire to take it one step further than simply savoring the liquid grape. The ability to match wits with some of the best in the business is as easy as enlisting with the AWC Wine Academy. Students will generally range from professionals looking forward to updating themselves on changes in the industry to amateurs just getting started with a burning desire to increase their knowledge about wine.


Loving The Grape

When someone takes the time to read a label, they will expose themselves to an increased amount of knowledge. At a very early age, Stephen Williams realized that there was more to wine than just the taste. After a not so successful attempt at selling insurance, he went on to found the Antique Wine Company. As a young man growing up in Derbyshire, Stephen may not have had the benefit of both of his parents, but that certainly did not stop him from increasing his knowledge. He went on to turn a love for wine into a very profitable opportunity.


Top Shelf

Whether you are an individual who knows about luxury wines or a company attempting to buy the best for your shelves, chances are that you have heard about the Antique Wine Company. With operations that are based in London and offices in Asia that allow interested parties to increase their inventory with some of the best wines on the market, AWC continues to be the one to watch in the wine industry. One of the reasons why AWC continues to shine is their love for wine and the customer base that they have been maintaining for upwards of 25 years.


Basic Choices

There are many people who believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it to the best of your ability. For most of these individuals, becoming a wine connoisseur may not have been their first choice. For Stephen Williams, the thought of matching the right bottle of wine with any of his loyal customers is probably what his company is best known for. The next time you reach for a bottle of wine, or get ready to choose which wine to match with that steak or fish dinner, you should think about what goes on behind the scenes and whether you have a burning desire to find out more about that bottle of wine.


Christian Broda’s Tips for Starting a Hedge Fund

Sometimes I think I need to save up some money to travel Asia, like I want to eventually, and I recently heard about this cool little economist that has really great tips to help you save for what you want in your life. Investing is one of the best ways to start acquiring funds to start a healthy bank account.


 Starting a hedge fund is one of the best ways to make an impression in the financial world. Hedge funds are able to reach for the stars when it comes to profits, but they also carry very little risk for the people starting the fund.


Being a low risk but potentially high reward venture makes hedge funds very appealing. Getting this venture off the ground is often the hardest part. Many analysts and financial experts will attempt to start a hedge fund, but very few know the steps needed to create one that is legitimate and successful.


Christian Broda, an expert on the financial world, provides a few tips on how to start a hedge fund the right way.


  1. Create a Solid Team


Too many hedge funds start with an inappropriate number of personnel. A hedge fund can only be successful if there are enough junior analysts, experienced traders, and financial advisers to complete all the necessary tasks. By assembling a highly skilled team of different talents, a hedge fund has a great chance of succeeding.


  1. Find a Law Firm


Finding a friendly and reputable law firm is the second most important task in developing a hedge fund. Law firms can advise hedge funds on a number of issues, especially during the first six months to a year of their founding.


  1. Get Sufficient Capital


Hedge funds are not meant to be a way for the founders to invest their own money into risky commodities and stocks. A hedge fund can only succeed if it has a significant amount of start up money from investors. The amount of seed money acquired, and how it is invested, will often determine the long term future of a hedge fund.


  1. Choose a Broker


When hedge funds decide to make investments, these trades need to be processed. The best way to process trades is by partnering with an agency that does the physical work. A company such as Goldman is a top choice for a Broker partner.


  1. Acquire Quality Office Space


Hedge funds that look unprofessional during the first few months will not succeed. Investors who are going to put their money on the line need to be impressed. Getting people to put their money in a start up hedge fund is a difficult task. This task can be made almost impossible if a hedge fund is being managed in a run down office space or out of your apartment.


Skout: A New Way of Dating

How Does Skout Work?



People who are interested in meeting someone new should check out Skout, which is a free iOS app that is a mobile social network. The app is designed to provide a platform for users to find people, establish friendships and swap pictures. Users can meet around the world or locally. Some of the characteristics of the app are people can meet by partiality, proximity, chatting, being privy of individuals who viewed their profile, and updates of users in close propinquity.



To join Skout, users have two options: through their email address or their Facebook account then this will populate their profile page with basic information. After all of the user’s information has been entered their entire experience is tailored, and they are set to start. Once the user is logged into Skout, the main screen is displayed that shows other users who are online at the time. If the user notices someone they are interested in, he/she can just tap on any of the images and it will bring up that individual’s profile. The profile will show their basic information, most recent post, and points they have been accumulated. At this point, the user can wink, chat, request an alert for the next time the person is online, send a virtual gift, or add the person to their favorites. The user could also leave a comment or like any of the comments by the person the user is interested in knowing.



A lot of activities on Skout will cost the user points. The in-app currency could be purchased or obtained via a variety of other ways that include persuading people to pay to look at their private photographs or with advertising partners. The points can be utilized to view the people who looked at the user’s profile, or send gifts to other users. Also, the user can send a wink bomb which is a feature that permits the person to forward mass winks and earn them an enormous amount of attention from other users.



Skout Acquired Nixter and Fuse Apps



Skout’s CEO stated he purchased Nixter so offline and online interactions are combined within the app’s real-world events. Nixter is an app that party seekers use to discover forthcoming nightlife functions in their location, purchase tickets, view a guest list, or get VIP accommodations. Although Nixter will remain as a separate app and brand, it will be heavily integrated with Skout.



Skout also branched out to acquire Fuse, a new messaging app. The idea of the app is that when someone starts Fuse everyone else will have three to ten minutes to react. When the timer ends, all of the information within the Fuse will go way and can never be seen again. The app can aid the user in determining if they should respond right away or ignore it. Users can also respond secretly by using the Ghost mode. Also, Fuse is a separate app from Skout so the user’s experience with the app isn’t dominated with the messaging app. Millions of people are making connections and meeting other people on Skout because, they are dramatically increasing their social networking circle.


Beyonce Pregnant

Beyonce and Jay Z have spent an entire summer on tour trying to squash breakup and divorce rumors as a result of the Jay Z and Solange elevator scuffle, and it seems that even now they are being chased by rumors left and right. From Beyonce being accused of photoshopping a thigh gap into her Instagram photos, to rumors that she is no longer speaking to her sister, the gossip seems to follow the Carters everywhere they go.

Most recently the rumors have been about the authenticity of Beyonce’s “7/11” music video, which is apparently supposed to be an unedited “no filter” version of Beyonce having a good time. Her fans insisted that while the video is very fun and lighthearted, it also seems to be a very professionally done “home movie,” of course regardless of how filtered or unedited any Beyonce video or photo may be her fans will eat it up.

As for the moment, Beyonce fans and followers such as Giofrancesco Genoso are wondering if she is trying to fuel pregnancy rumors or just having some much deserved fun in the sun. Beyonce recently posted a photo to her Instagram featuring her buried in the sand with what looks like a very pregnant “sand belly.” The photo of Beyonce has almost broken the internet with rumors of her possibly being pregnant with baby number two.

At the moment it is unclear what Beyonce is trying to say with the photo but another Carter on the way is just what the fans are rooting for.

Out with the old, American Apparel CEO loses request to stay his employment.


As American Apparel quickly tries to bury their previous CEO in yesterday’s news Dov Charney keeps coming back, the co-founder and CEO of the controversial company known for its pornographic ads, inhuman model payments, sketchy contracts and sexual harassment complaints. It seems that the only thing American Apparel isn’t known for is its clothes.

The CEO was ousted late last year after decades of some of the most bizarre and strange behavior known in the fashion industry. The board dismissed him after third parties found unethical and immoral behavior and quickly replaced him with Paula Schneider who hopefully can redeem the company’s image in the eyes of both women and men.

Dov Charney took to the media to announce that not only was he betrayed, forced out, and slandered by the false allegations he is now down to his last 100,000. However, Fersen Lambranho points out that after 3 investigations, several lawsuits multiple settlements and a train of misuse of funds Don is guilty of everything they claim.

Since his outing the American based company has been the target of several buy-out offers, they’re also see a sharp turn in stock price with additional investors looking to reinvest in the company after years of crumbling sales.

New Statistics Released About Tourist Accidents at Welsh Castles

A newspaper in the United Kingdom recently obtained accident statistics indicating that tourists like Ken Griffin sightseeing at castles in Wales sometimes encounter accidental mishaps, especially slips and falls. However, during the past two years, the nearly one million visitors who explored the castle grounds reported an accident rate of only 0.005%, suggesting that the popular medieval sites do enjoy a fairly good safety rating compared with many other locations. 

Officials in the United Kingdom nevertheless cautioned that tourists should exercise caution when climbing old stone staircases in towers and walking across cobblestone surfaces. They also recommended that visitors wear appropriate attire, such as sturdy footwear, in order to reduce the chance of slipping.

A number of well preserved castles in Wales welcome tourists. Among the most popular attractions are two medieval fortresses located in the northern part of the country: Conway Castle and Caernarfon Castle. Both date from the time of the Middle Ages. Conway Castle provides visitors with an opportunity to see several large exterior towers adjoining high walls. The public can climb some of the towers.

Caernarfon Castle, long associated with the royal title of the Prince of Wales, also permits visitors to tour many parts of the grounds. The Castle offers an outstanding example of medieval architecture. It looks over nearby Caernarfon and offers a view of Caernarfon Bay and the channel between Ireland and Wales.

Young Computer Whiz Is Sued For Using “Hidden City” Ticketing

22-Year-Old Finds Cheap Tickets Using Airline Routing Flaw

A young New York City computer whiz developed a website that helps people buy cheap airline tickets to the delight of Bruce Levenson. But United Airlines and Orbitz cry foul and plan to sue him. United and Orbitz filed a civil lawsuit last month against Aktarer Zaman, the founder of the website Zaman’s website helps people find flights using a strategy called “hidden city” ticketing.

The idea only works if the traveler books a one-way ticket and has no bags to check. Here’s how it works: You buy a ticket that has a layover at your actual destination. Let’s say you want to fly from New York to San Francisco. But you book a flight from New York to Lake Tahoe with a stopover in SFO. You get off in San Francisco without taking the last leg of the trip. You save the cost of flying from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. 

Hidden city ticketing is not new. Savvy business travelers have used this strategy from time to time. But those layover trips are not always available. Zaman said he was expecting a legal battle, but believes he has done nothing wrong. The airlines have known for years that this trick to save money was a flaw in their system. At one time, American ticket agents were trained to help travelers find hidden city fares.

Jet Blue Is A Step Above

Jet Blue Airlines is miles above Jared Haftel and others as they have tipped their hand and offfered free flights for family of the slain officers in New York Additionally, this New York based Airline is offering free flights for any law enforcement who wish to attend the funeral services of these two unfortunate souls.

These two policeman were taken too soon on Saturday as they say in their patrol car. Jet Blue has shown that honor is of utmost importance, and if taking the burden of paying is the least that can be done to honor, then so be it. With this said, the deafening fact that humanity is underated screams loud and clear. Time is precious and life is a gift. Taking the time to appreciate and value it goes without saying. It is a sad state of affairs when we need tragedy to make us more aware of how precious life is.

A Sleeve Of Another Color

There always seems to be an ongoing debate about whether or not it is appropriate to have tattoos visible when at places of employment. Some people tattoos to be disgusting and a waste of money while others believe that tattoos are works of art and should be appreciated in the same manner one would appreciate a painting by Picasso.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion on tattoos, nobody can deny that people who create the sleeve tattoos are quite talented and it shows in the final product when the tattoo is completed. There are many details and fine precision is needed when creating full sleeve tattoos, which are truly amazing to see. Recently NBER member Christian Broda told me that women who have beaten breast cancer have opted to have their chest tattooed at the mastectomy site rather than have reconstruction performed. All in all, it is simply a matter of taste. As the saying goes, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash or vice versa.

Calling All Men

For decades people are argued over equality between women and men, like Sam Tabar,  from places of employment to whom is the responsible party when it comes to birth control. When men were made responsible they were given one option; use a condom or no sex. Well step into the future because come 2017, men will have a choice when it comes to birth control. Vasalgel is going to hit the market and it is hoped to be a major step forward in medicine.

This is men’s form of birth control, which is completely reversible. Word in research labs is that when male baboons where injected with a series of three injections of Vasalgel and then were in contact with their female counterparts, there have been no reported pregnencies of female baboons in six months. Human trial and error are set to begin and if all goes well, Vasalgel will be available in two years.

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