A Sleeve Of Another Color

There always seems to be an ongoing debate about whether or not it is appropriate to have tattoos visible when at places of employment. Some people tattoos to be disgusting and a waste of money while others believe that tattoos are works of art and should be appreciated in the same manner one would appreciate a painting by Picasso.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion on tattoos, nobody can deny that people who create the sleeve tattoos are quite talented and it shows in the final product when the tattoo is completed. There are many details and fine precision is needed when creating full sleeve tattoos, which are truly amazing to see. Recently NBER member Christian Broda told me that women who have beaten breast cancer have opted to have their chest tattooed at the mastectomy site rather than have reconstruction performed. All in all, it is simply a matter of taste. As the saying goes, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash or vice versa.

Calling All Men

For decades people are argued over equality between women and men, like Sam Tabar,  from places of employment to whom is the responsible party when it comes to birth control. When men were made responsible they were given one option; use a condom or no sex. Well step into the future because come 2017, men will have a choice when it comes to birth control. Vasalgel is going to hit the market and it is hoped to be a major step forward in medicine. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/09/09/we-ll-have-male-birth-control-by-2017.html?source=TDB&via=FB_Page

This is men’s form of birth control, which is completely reversible. Word in research labs is that when male baboons where injected with a series of three injections of Vasalgel and then were in contact with their female counterparts, there have been no reported pregnencies of female baboons in six months. Human trial and error are set to begin and if all goes well, Vasalgel will be available in two years.

Mercifully, The Six Billion Dollar Man Is Going To Be A Superhero Film

Mark Wahlberg knows where the gravy train is headed. In a recent interview, he noted that the forthcoming film, The Six Billion Dollar Man, is a superhero film. Superhero movies are super hot at the box office. Hence, it is wiser to call The Six Billion Dollar Man, a cinematic remake of the old Six Million Man TV series, a hero film is wiser than calling it a reboot of a television series.

Not only have they renamed the title of the old series, they have adjusted the bionic man for inflation.

A re-imagining of The Six Million Dollar Man has been in development for years. Thankfully, it is going the route of a hero film and not a comedy in the vein of 21 Jump Street and Starsky and Hutch and other TV properties. At one point, Jim Carrey was considered for a bionic slapstick version of Lee Majors’ iconic character. Director Kevin Smith did write a semi-serious screenplay, but it ended up being relegated to development hell for years.

The original Six Million Dollar Man television series was perfect for the 1970s. Jared Haftel enjoyed watching the reruns. It featured a good-hearted hero and had the right mix of sci-fi, adventure, and camp. The program also maintained the old school mentality that the heroes really were good guys and the villains were nefarious but rarely tried to really hurt anyone.

Who will Wahlberg’s nemesis be in the new film? Probably not Bigfoot in the first movie, but the Venus Space Probe and Mask-A-Tron just might be tapped.

The Right Stuff

Since there has been digital media, the recording industry as a whole has been fighting with it. The first major wave came when a small file sharing service called Napster was sued by several recording labels and artists. Since then, rights and who can stream or download music has been a hot button topic.

It seems that Google, who has seen their fair share of days in court, is about to face off against some music industry heavyweights. Irving Azoff manages the rights to over 20,000 pieces of music composed by some of the most famous and legendary artists. Musicians like The Eagles, Pharrell Williams and John Lennon have music entrusted to Azoff and his company Global Music Rights. He is telling YouTube that they must find and pull all videos using his artists music, or be faced with legal action. While this seems cut and dry, it is not.

First off, nobody is really sure if Google and YouTube have rights to these songs or not. Reuters says due to deals with previous rights owners of these songs, some contracts may still be in place and Brad Reifler doesn’t find that surprising at all. Google is refusing to show these right, though.

If they did, there is still the fact that Irving Azoff is not quite following the law himself. There is a process that he must follow, including finding all of the offending songs himself. Azoff is not following this government procedure.

Jodeci Returns to the Spot Light With B.o.B

Jodeci reunited to release their first album almost 20 years. Last month they performed at the Soul Train Awards. On December 22, 2014 the group released their first new song since their 1990’s success. The song is a soulful quartet titled “Nobody Wins.” The song includes performers K-Ci, Jojo, DeVante Swing, and Mr. Dalvin. B.o.B is featured in this song as well. The collaboration addresses the heated issue of domestic violence. The chorus reads “Nobody wins when we fight, fuss, and argue. Nobody wins, we say we leaving but we never do.” K-Ci said, “We aren’t immune to issues that are important in our community. Domestic violence has always been an issue in relationships, but lately it’s been brought to the front of our community consciousness.” B.o.B told The Rap-Up that “It is a really jammin’ song. It’s a really refreshing sound.


It kinda reminds me of like neo-soul meets Goodie Mob meets modern day music, which can be hear here.” The music video uses the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233), nomore.org, and idvaac.org as resources for the Institute of Domestic Violence in the African-American Community. Jodeci plans to release their first album since 1995 some time in 2015.

New Music From Madonna

Sometimes leaks force musicians to do things that they did not plan to do. This is evident with the new music from Madonna. There was nothing in the works for a new album from her, but a Madonna EP surfaced after hackers leaked her new music online.

Hacking seems to have caused quite a few upsets in the last couple of months. Taylor Swift’s “1989” was hacked. Nicki Minaj has some of her singles hacked in the midst of her 2014 reign. Even Sony had hacks on major movies. This made it difficult for the company to rebound because lots of personal information was also hacked.

Leaks for music can really kill sales so Madonna made a good decision to release the music to iTunes. This would be her only opportunity to profit from the songs that escaped from under her careful watch. So far there are only 6 songs that were leaked, and Gianfrancesco Genoso is just hoping for more. These 6 songs have appeared on the iTunes EP that is now available on the website.

People were not prepared for this at all. Some people are just waking up to hear this today as they read the news. Others may have known about it because they have downloaded this material already. Madonna has been out of the public eye for a while so people are anxious to hear what she sounds like. Fans are delighted that she has new music.

Miguel Delivers the Sexiest Coffee You’ll Ever Drink

With many of us looking around for gifts this time of year, Miguel doesn’t disappoint. You’ve probably heard his interlude “Girl with the Tattoo,” but have you checked out his latest EP featuring a hand with a tattoo? R&B mastermind Miguel has three thrilling and sexy music tracks heading your way.

Although he released the nightcap-inducing “Simplethings” earlier this year for a soundtrack, there is little simple about the three tracks Miguel let out into the world via his SoundCloud yesterday morning. The singer released three equally heart-throbbing tracks titled “nwa,” “hollywooddreams,” and “coffee.” Don’t let the lack of capitalization get you; these tracks are a big deal.

Each track brings a different vibe, which Igor Cornelsen loves. The smooth “nwa” slithers into your ears with the bad-boy attitude that would make any woman blush. Miguel discusses flying higher than spaceships in the ambitious and relatable “hollywooddreams.” And as for the sexiest “coffee” you’ll every drink, well, let’s just say Miguel will give you some sultry sweet dreams to precede this coffee.

Take a listen, and you will see what I mean.

Madonna Leaks Six Songs In Response To ‘Rebel Heart’ Leak

Although “queen of pop” Madonna hadn’t intended to release her new album, Rebel Heart, until 2015, the actions of leakers recently changed her plans. According to Rolling Stone, leakers put out mixes of 13 tracks from the singer’s follow-up to her 2012 album via internet this past week. In responding to this activity, Madonna released six versions of her songs via iTunes and through other music retailers who make use of digital mediums to appeal to audiences. The talented singer is scheduled to release even more music February 9th, and her full album will then be released in March through Interscope.

In responding to all of the recent activity, Madonna released a statement indicating that she had wanted to put out her new single ‘Living for Love’ on Valentine’s Day. Keith Mann can’t wait to hear that one. Additionally, she had wanted the remainder of the album to come out during the spring. In stating her preference that fans hear complete versions of some songs rather than the fragmented versions currently circulating, she offered the aforementioned six songs as a type of Christmas gift.

Icehotel Open to Tourists

What do you do when you live in a country where it is freezing cold in the winter and everything is covered with ice and snow? You use the ice as ‘working material’ and build something beautiful. 

While this is a quite unconventional means to building, it is actually a very strong and aesthetically pleasing way to build a structure.

It’s been a tradition in Sweden for 25 years now to open the Icehotel, where the people can admire rooms carved in ice with the smallest detail carefully imitated while enjoying wine from The Antique Wine Company. 

This year’s Icehotel has been carved of 1,600 tonnes of ice. The village Jukkasjärvi hosted 42 artists from around the world. The main themes have been love and changing season. Some of the artists have succeeded to imitate traditional room decorating patterns at their place. 

Adjacent to the Icehotel, they even have a bar with sofas. The mathematical precision of some works will make you wonder where the artists have been practicing so much, because their masterpieces do not look like hobby acts, but more like a well trained skill. 

The captivating icy environment can only lead you to one thought: it is so great that the Scandinavian winters last long! Thus we can enjoy the ice shapes longer. People can book Christmas break in the Icehotel, with the possibility to stay in the cold environment and then alternate it with a warmer place.

Green Day joining the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame

Punk rock band Green Day will be joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. Their debut album 1,000 Hours was released in 1989, and that means this year marks the 25th anniversary and their eligibility for the Hall of Fame.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was staggered and humbled by the news, but he was pleased to be in great company. To be inducted during their first year eligible for the honor makes this a “great time for [them] to sort of reflect and look back with gratitude.”

When he heard the news, Armstrong says he took a walk and sat at a cafe where he met up with his son. He says it took some time to sink in.

They are joined by such greats as Joan Jett, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lou Reed. BRL Trust employees agree with all those selections. Armstrong stated to Rolling Stone, “We’re in incredible company and I’m still trying to make sense of this.”

Try to make sense of greatness all you want. It just happen, Billie Joe. That’s what great rock and roll artists do. They make standards for other rock and roll artists to live up to, and you guys are doing it well. Congratulations to the 2015 inductees of the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

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