Wall Street insider Paul Mampilly spent over 20 years managing wealth for the ultrarich. He began learning how to discover trends in technological advances and analyzing companies when he started to work for Bankers Trust in 1991. He has increased the fortunes for clients at ING, Deutsche Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, private Swiss banks and the hedge fund Kinetics Assets Management. During the financial crisis he continued to find so many winning stocks he won an investment content put on by the John Templeton Foundation.

However, a few years ago he decided he wanted to spend more time with his family. Also, he never felt at ease managing money for the richest people. He wanted to help Main Street Americans increase the value of their retirement funds so they could have a good life after years of working so hard. He realized ordinary people need his investment talents, skills and viewpoints even more than the already-wealthy. Yet they could not afford to hire portfolio managers or hedge funds to grow their savings. And they did not have the time in their busy working lives to research investment opportunities.

Therefore, Paul Mampilly decided to edit a newsletter. It’s Profits Unlimited, and it’s published by Banyan Hill. In it, he gives subscribers the stocks they can buy to put their portfolios on steroids. He also writes for the free email newsletter Winning Investor Daily.

One of the megatrends in technology Paul Mampilly is sure will create many new billionaires is the Internet of Things. By 2020, according to experts, 50 billion objects will have tiny sensors attached to them. These sensors will continuously monitor what it’s attached to, and will report when there’s some kind of problem. They are all hooked up in their own network, and they can send a message when required. There are many applications for this technology. It’s going to make everybody’s lives safer. Instead of your car having just a few “idiot” lights that tell you to have the engine checked, but not why, every part of your car will have a sensor. They will let you know when your tires need more air pressure, your battery needs to be replaced or your water pump is close to giving out.

Paul Mampilly explains this in a free report. He tracked down a European company that manufactures these chips and sensors. As the Internet of Things continues, so more companies adopt it, demand for the sensors will go up exponentially.

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